Alif fusion and disc replacement


I joined this site looking for some advice on alif disc fusion on l5-s1 and disc replacement on l4 - l5 

I had ths procedure a week ago and although I knew there would be a lot of pain afterwards I thought it would recede but this is getting worse by the day and spasms are happening even  more I'm at the point of worry just wondering if anyone else had these procedures would like to hear there take on it thanks



  • I have not had disc replacement, but I have had 2 lumbar fusion surgeries, they hurt, think about what was done during surgery, muscles were cut and stretched, nerves were moved and stretched, you had holes drilled and screws inserted in your spine, all that together means pain, for me, things started to get better at around the 3 week point, walking helped me as much as anything, I am not talking about long distances, just around the house, I would get up every 30-45 minutes and make a lap around the inside of the house, when I felt like it I would go further, my surgeon also told me to make sure I stayed on schedule with my medications, not to get behind, because it is really hard to catch up. You are very early in recovery, time and patience is required.

    I have posted a link below that should be helpful

    Practical Advice for Recovering from Back Surgery

    Take care and keep us posted


  • I had an ALIF with fusions at L4/5 and as I recall, yes, it hurt for quite a while. However I urge you to make sure that you keep your Dr. Informed of all changes. It’s a complicated surgery so err on the side of caution! Good luck with your recovery!

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  • Thanks for your responses just wondering did any of yous have severe spasms anytime you try get you your feet or move positions 



  • Noel

    Muscle spasms unfortunately go along with it, they suffered a lot of trauma during surgery, for me, not sitting in one position and getting up and walking were the best medicine for them.


  • Thanks chip and  also thanks for the link was very helpful 

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  • aiyajoaaiyajo Posts: 1
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    Hi Noel 

    I just got the news  that I’m in line for the surgery you have had. I had discectomy in 2010 on same to areas that now need surgery again.

    I’m wondering how you are going with recovery? 

    Did you look into multi level ADR at all? 


    I hope you are doing much better than your last post. 

    Cheers Aiya

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  • I had L5S1 in 2017 and L4;L5 just over 2 weeks ago.  Your pains as bad as it is sound normal.  I wish I had done it all at once.  I am having spasms like crazy.  And usually the more I lay down.  I can’t sit due to pain in back and incision area.  When the lift and raise and screw your vertebrae into new position it is going to put new pressure on different positions of nerves hence new or familiar pain.  At least with mine that is case.  Walk brother walk.  It will get better.  Do not deviate off the plan. Trust me. I ended up in hospital first go round after picking up my son’s Star Wars toy. Damn that little BB-8.   Nah just kidding I love him.  For real though walk and rest.  Walk and rest.  The pain will be around for a month or 2 or 3 but subside.  Don’t skip out on PT when it comes time and use this website as we all have or are going through this hell but will get through it with you. 

    Be safe out there. DC

  • HI

    I was in severe pain for 2 days straight when I sent this post I knew something had to be wrong it was not normal the doctor emailed me a 9 day prescription for a drug fortecortin and valium anyway i crippled in pain going to bed I woke up stiff but soon realized I could log roll onto my side got up from the bed unassisted and walk alot more freely by no means am I not in pain or am I running about but I think this is just normal pain now I must have had inflammation on a nerve or something .

    So what I would say to anyone if your pain is so bad that theres no position in which you can rest for some time while on meds change your meds talk to your doctor insist on it that was my lesson there

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