I’m in a fix - methadone withdrawal

Hello all - would appreciate any words of advice/encouragement. Given the attitudes today towards treating chronic pain, I don’t know what I’m to do. I have been In bimonthly management for 10 years. I have had a good PM physician, the same but she absolutely refuses ANY early RF. I was changed from morphine PO, 200 mg daily 2 years ago to methadone 30 mg PO d. I keeps my meds secure. I will separate a months worth in 4 packages. Somehow, the 4th package is gone. I face the last week before my refill date - will be without the methadone. It’s pretty frightening as the WD from methadone is pretty awful. Can anybody comment-  I mean many nights without ANY sleep. Pain intensity just goes up and up. I’m afraid. My BP spikes quite high and quickly. I’ll continue tearing things apart to find them but it is pretty bleak. Thanking all in advance!



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    Hello penny611

    Welcome to the Veritas Health Forum.
    I am so sorry your cannot find your meds. Like you, I would be looking every where, they didn't just walk out. 
    While you are waiting on other members to reply with their own experiences, you might find some information under Pain Medications under Forum Topics. Also please review our Forum Code of Conduct and Welcome links, included in the FAQ page, located in the Forum Tools section.

    Take care and keep us posted.

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