Back pain left side between spine and scapula.

For two days now I have had upper back pain in the area between my spine and scapula. It’s way worse when I’m lying down, especially when lying on my back. I’ve found that leaning forward gives me some relief. It wakes me at night because the pain is so bad. Of course googling sent me into panic because things like pancreatic cancer and spinal tumor came up. Can anyone relate to this kind of pain?



  • Stephaniejean1

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum, glad to have you, please take a look at the code of conduct.

    There are a lot of us here that have similar pain, but it can have many causes from a pulled muscle on up, a good place to start would be with your primary care doctor who can examine you.

    1 other thing, please leave doctor Google alone, it will only cause undue stress.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • jbowerjbower wisconsin Posts: 119

    If you haven't had issues there before then you probably have a pulled muscle or muscle strain.  I wouldn't worry too much as it has only been a couple days.

    If you go see your PCD they will more than likely give you a muscle relaxer.

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