Treatment options for bulging cervical discs

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I have 2 cervical bulgin discs that seem to get worse every year according to the images.

My doctor has only prescribed physiotherapist massages which are quite useless as they won't prevent the disc from getting worse or reduce the size of the bulge, and pray for them to not get worse. Which is an excellent way to waste time. I am a 32 year old man and obviously probabilities are not at my side.

Keep in mind that the disc hasn't broken yet so there's no hernia. But will eventually. Symptoms are annoying and will get worse as well.

So, my question is what effective treatment options are available to decrease the size of a bulgin disc? As of now I have only found ozone, which seems to be effective. Has anyone tried it before? Success rate for you?

What other options are available that I can discuss with my doctor?




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    Hello albertocastillo2001!

    Welcome to the Veritas-Health Forum!

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this, especially being young. It's bad enough at any age.  At least yours have not ruptured or herniated yet. 

    While you are waiting for other members to reply, below is an article you may want to read. I found this and others related by going to the search box at the top right, key in " treatment options for bulging disc.", scroll down past the ads.

    / -disc

    Take care an keep us posted.

  • Thanks

    @memerainbolt Unfortunately I cannot access that link, but I have probably read it in the past.

    @helpmepain Thanks, nerve blocks might help with pain. Unfortunately I wonder if there's something I can use to decrease the disc size, and this is why I was thinking of ozone. ButI would like to know the opinion of people regarding this treatment.

    Thanks both of you

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