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For marijuana, what strain is good for anxiety and pain.

 For marijuana, what strain is good for anxiety and pain. I live in Michigan and have had my marijuana card for quite a while  Never really smoked it that much as a kid. Can someone recommend  A strain that is good for anxiety and pain. Also would like to hear the pros and cons Of using medical marijuana. Take care and God bless



  • Mike, there are several threads in the forums about MM, and various strains. The dispensary will have different strains, and they will consult with you at your visits, about your conditions, dosing, types, and make recommendations for you. They also will tell you that it is trial and error, even though they can make recommendations on strains and varieties, there is a LOT of trial and failure in using it, so my only suggestion is buy smallest quantities you can, try them, note any benefit/side effects, and bring that log book at each visit to review.  Use the log book to really evaluate if you are getting any benefit, and stick to small amounts, until you find one that is helpful. Don’t expect miracles out of using mm. I tried for almost a year and gave up on it, after many trials of potencies/strains.

  • Mike

      What Sandi told you is spot on. One of the issues with using medical marijuana is availability.  You will spend months looking for the perfect blend only to finally hit on what works for you..then its gone..

       I am now in my second year exploring it and it's been a ruff and sometimes expensive road.. from my experience I think alot of people that are using it for anxiety find relief through the use of cbd so that maybe were you first want to for pain..I found the higher thc ones beneficial but ofcourse that limits the use of it during the daytime.

      But as Sandi said the dispensary will help you based on your problems and what your needs are..

    Good luck and let us know how its going.

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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 492

     Thanks Sandy and Boo.  The little bit that I have bought doesn’t seem to help at all. Actually I thought there would be more responses   You’re right it is expensive after buying your marijuana card. Thanks again take care and God bless 

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 492

     Oh by the way Teresa  that CBD oil is expensive. $75 for a small bottle it didn’t seem to help. I thought it did it first. 

  • See mike that the thing..cost..its expensive..I tried cbd for months mine cost 50. a bottle I used 2 bottles a month based on the dose the dispensary set me on..and it didnt work..I since have spoken to a couple of doctors including the one I saw for my recent renewal.  All of them told me cbd WONT work for the issues and pain I have.. wish someone told me that before after dump alot of $$ into it for nothing..but that's not saying it wouldnt work for someone else..

       How I determine the higher thc was for me is through working with my dispensary..I only use it though at night helps me sleep which inturn helps with being able to cope better during the daytime with pain..silly but its true..the more exhausted and sleep deprived I was the higher my pain level were in the daytime..but I will admit I'd never use it during the daytime..the one I mainly use at night is 33% thc..I think of it as no different then using say ambien..with alot less side affects. 

      But like Sandi need to work with the dispensary to find the ones that work best for you..then dropped down on your knee once you find the right one that they keep it in of us have been having similar issues with availability ..

    I think the entire population of senior citizens in my state is on MM..its.frightening really lol...I'm 58 and I know whenever I go most are alot older then me..think of all the over 65 or 70s driving on the road under the influence.. :o

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  • jerseymike01jjerseymike01 OregonPosts: 80
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    Mike, I live in Oregon and have acres of MJ growing pretty much everywhere I look since the state went fully legal. There are three basic types or strains of MJ, the first is Sativa which are commonly used for daytime use. They tend to give a person creative energy, focus and depending on the variety pain relief. Next are the Indica varieties used primarily for anxiety, sleep and bad pain. These strains tend to be THC heavy and can make you sleepy, etc. Last are the Hybrids which is just what it sounds like. A combo of Indica and Sativa so you have the one balancing out the other. Currently there are thousands of MJ varieties of each strain with more added daily it seems like. If you message me I will send you the name of a site that will guide you as this page will not allow me to post it.. On this site you will find all you need to know about MJ including which variety is best for what condition and where it can be found and obtained from legally. As far as CBD oil goes, the jury is still out at least for me. In order for CBD to be effective THC has to be added to it and the varieties currently available at stores, Amazon, etc., don't have enough to do the trick.   Good luck, check out that site and let me know if you have any questions. I won't bother to make any recommendations as it what works for me may not be available in Michigan.


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  • I'm in the process of getting a MM card, I went to a new PM practice the other day and they did a urine test, which is not a problem in my case. Next week I pay the $300 annual fee and get a temporary card, I already have a dispensary close by. Whatever it costs will be better than the $320 + I was spending at useless PT a month. Mandated by my last PM practice, plus their $50 a visit. I will be way ahead money-wise. The new place I go to said that I will be interviewed by the dispensary brew master to select what is best for me. It isn't final, but I believe if it works I'll taper off the narcotics in time.

  • AC/DC Flower was helpful for my pain and even more so anxiety , and augmented with THC at night, I was able to get off Xanax after 15 yrs.  I was lucky to be able to buy enough of it to last a while.  Now that I’m off MM I have more pin and anxiety than ever, and am back on Xanax  :'(

  • I got my temporary card almost 2 weeks ago, the real card came in the mail a few days ago. In NY, you need a prescription to take with you to the dispensary. This gives them an idea what to sell you. So far everything I got makes anxiety better. I have a day time with an equal 1:1 THC and CBG oil, a night time one that is more heavy THC. Even the day time one packs a punch. I have to go a 1/2 dropper with that and not take it too early on a work day. I was taking a full dropper of the night stuff... felt it the entire next day. I went back Saturday and got something in between. I feel no effect the next day. Again, trial and error. I still have my oxy, but feel if the MM works I can taper off on them. 

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 492

    Hi Tee , so what is that THC and CBD oil very expensive? And get the 1 to. 1 amount that you got last for very long.? I bought some pills that were THCA in  one bottle and CBD in another bottle. And they said to take one each at the same time. I really didn’t notice any effect at all. Thanks for your input take care and God bless

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 492

    Hi 68, thanks for your input I haven’t found anything that really helps, of course I don’t smoke it and I never really was a marijuana user. I bought some pills from that dispensary that were CBD and THCA don’t know what the E stands for. Those didn’t help either 40 bucks down the drain. Well take care and God bless, and keep those congressmen and senators in line

  • My nephew in Oregon manages a legal grow operation. He says a strain called "Frank's Gift" is particularly good for pain, but I have no first-hand knowledge, and do not know if this is a sativa, indica or hybrid.

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