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Lower Back Pain w/ sciatica


   This isn’t my first time to this forum, but it is the first to post in this category. Unfortunately, I’m also not a stranger to chronic pain either. I have had 3 cervical spinal fusion in the past. I was well on my way to a pain free life when suddenly leaned over a patient throwing out my back. Somewhere in my crazy head I thought the pain of 3 bulging disc, stenosis with bone spurs would heal on its own. Of course I have done ALL the conservative treatments with no relief. 

  So here I am 2 years into this nightmare. For others here who have experienced more than one surgeries this may be relatable ...the denial factor ! I have been sitting on the denial factor for 2 years waiting on a miracle. I get strong and weak. I get happy and sad ! I get angry and frustrated! I am exhausted! I saw my ortho last year who was ready to perform the surgery but I was not ready to admit it was time ! So here I am awaiting a new appointment for a surgical consultation Sept 6.

   Sorry for my venting took a long time for me to accept this issue ! I am mad at myself for not doing this sooner ! So here is a concern of mine. Last year when I saw my ortho he mentioned a decompression surgery. I have extreme back pain and hip pain. The leg pain is there some days worse then other days but the back pain is constant . What I have read about the surgery it really can help the leg pain but not always the back pain. Does anyone have experience with decompression surgery relieving the centralized back pain too ? 

   I pray for all of you who suffer from chronic pain. May God heal you from your suffering !

   Any shared stories would be welcoming ! 

   Thanks to this forum for having a place for all of us to feel free to express our inner thoughts!

   Have a blessed day!



  • Thank you for sharing your story and for wishing us all healing.  It's been almost a year since my lower back pain started.  When I first started treatment, I was so hopeful.  Everyone kept telling me the pain would pass, etc. etc.  There are days when I can't stand the pain and days when I tolerate it ok.  But it is always there... always.  If someone just old me this is my new normal, then maybe, just maybe I'd learn to deal with it instead of hoping the pain is going to go away.  Sigh.  I have not had any surgery, nor has it been offered to me as an option yet.  I'll be interested to hear what others say.  Thanks for opening the discussion - and I wish you relief as well.

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