Did I reherniate?

Hey everyone I'm at 11weeks post OP on a l4l5 microdiscectomy.  I started pt a few weeks ago. The last time I went they made me use the leg press at 65lbs. I asked why he was starting at 65lbs and he said I'll be fine. I did it and when I extended my leg the whole leg went numb and behind my knee got really swollen. Doc said I pulled a muscle behind it. But since then, I have had alot of pain in the lower back that shoots down the leg and makes my foot numb again. I called the surgeon for a appt but shes away till after labor day. They said if the pain continues I need to go to the er. The only other thing is that I cut down on my pain killers and muscle relaxers so am I just feeling the normal surgery pain or do you guys thing leg pressing 65lbs was to.much. ...thank u 



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    I'm sorry your doctor is out, she is the one you need to speak to. I have had a few disc re-herniate and I knew it immediately. My doctor had told me that if I heard a pop and then immediate pain, then more than likely it herniated. When it comes to PT I do not do more than I know I'm capable of doing.

    As far as the pain going down your leg, below is an article that may give you some answers.
    Practical Advice for Recovering from Back Surgery

    Tak care and please keep us posted.

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    Wow, what horrible advice to tell you go to the ER. The ER is for emergencies, by definition. You'll pay through the nose to receive a 3-day dose of opiates. They will not do imaging in the ER and they will not have specialists. Worse, you will wait and wait and wait while others with immediate care needs get called on.

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