Hello New here looking for suggestions . Thanks! Querry Arachnoiditois

Hope I spelled it right been getting epidurals for years   latest MRIs  showed moderate dural tube a spinal compression at  c-4,c5 Querry arachnoiditois    at l4-l5   weighted granular test was inconclusive   could not say it was or wasn't  meanwhile my ambulation is affected   and  my pain Doc  wants to do another epidural    I have had so many Have lost track ,my lower lumbar disks from L3 to S1  are either bulged or herniated , MRI also found an incidental lipoma of the filum terminal. So sorry for spelling   anyone been through a similar mess?  Being afraid to get another epidural ?



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    If you will go to the search box at the top tight of your screen and type in arachnoisitis anyone, scroll past the ads, there are several older discussions there.


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  • Hi Whiterabbit,

    It is so overwhelming trying to decide what to do with a medical condition. I have had that happen over the years & made mistakes by not getting 2nd, 3rd,  Medical Opinions. So, the more information you have, the better off you are able to make a decision. I am also sorry that I did not seek opinions from both the Neurosurgeon vs the Orthopedic Surgeon earlier. They look at your spine differently. This is just things, I wished I had done. I wish you all the best. Good luck. Take care, MaryAnne

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