Sciatica/Leg Pain after fusion?

Hi! I had a fusion done at L5/S1 a year and a half ago. Had no pain after until 5 months ago. Started getting leg cramp/numbness/tingling. Mentioned it to doc, he didn’t seem concerned. Two weeks ago I woke up and had the most excruciating leg pain my entire leg is kind and needles and numb. My lower back is terribly painful as well. 

Went to the surgeon and they admitted me for pain control and ran MRI and CT. Both look good as far as fusion go. Can’t figure out the nerve pain. Did a spinal injection of steroids and have not noticed a change and now a week later still on bed rest and can’t walk without a cane or wheelchair and am miserable. 

Anyone else have this and had successful solutions? 



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  • I am sorry you are dealing with this, sciatica is very painful, I don't know what your doctors plan is, but often times they give the epidurals in a series of three, I have had them before where the first one did not help at all, but the second or third took care of the problem.

    Take care and keep us posted


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