Bra Recommendations For the ladies

Hi Ladies,

I am fused from T8 to S1, but during a surgery last September the surgeon removed part of my left rib & went into the T spine through the front. I have severe Kyphosis. My head is also dropped. I am 66 & have "old lady boobs" - that were nice 40 yrs ago, but are about a low D, now. I was going to see about a reduction in a few months, to help with my posture.

About a week ago, I started having severe pain on the left side, starting in the back, where the back of the bra hooks together, down my side, to the left rib. The whole left slide of my back is hard and swollen. I would swear I had shingles without the rash.  I see my doctor tomorrow. But, it is so tender to touch, the back of any bra (except a sleeping one) is excruciating. I can't go out without a bra, unfortunately. Can anyone recommend some supportive bras with a soft back?



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    Mary Anne

    I will gladly take what you want to get rid of lol. I am 70 and since I lost so much weight from being so sick, that was the first thing to go. I don't wear a bra but do wear a sports bra when I go out. Will your sleeping bra not work during the day?
    I hope you get replies on this, I need help to.

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  • Search “bra” or “bra recommendations” in the search box. Lots of old threads with bra recommendations there.

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  • How about a front hook style? I own a couple of them that are underwire.

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    Try before you buy, I couldn't find a comfortable bra for years after surgery I had to make do with a light sports type bra, then I had difficulty finding them so tried on a few ordinary type in shop. Just got the one until I knew I could tolerate it. I found one with a thick ish pad under hooks


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  • Mary Anne

       Have you thought about maybe going to a shop that caters to women after breast cancer surgery ? They carry many different type of bra and supports and like Chelie said front hooks may help too

       I cant give you the full name but "S" company is a good place to start I know it really helped me to have one property fitted and they also cater to the more mature women like us ..also wider shoulder straps also help. It's a double crunch thing when you have both upper back / neck issue and are somewhat top heavy too. Believe me I feel your pain.

       Why is that song playing in my head ? You know the hang low one lol..sorry but it is..

      Also hope your doctor too could direct you to a place that helps.

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  • I started to get a lot of headaches, neck pain backache and had deep grooves in my shoulders from bras trying to hold up huge boobs. I had a reduction in 2009 and it was the best thing I ever did. Today I am so glad I did it as with my spine the way it is now after my accident there is no way I could have carried those heavy things around. I hope you find a bra to help .

  • Maryann, I don't know if you've ever tried a good supportive sports bra with no hooks. That's what I wear and while not the most flattering,(they just flatten)  they do hold things up, lol. I find them comfortable if you can tolerate the band around the bottom, you can get soft ones. I do hope you find something that works for you, your back sounds so uncomfortable. Gentle hugs!


  • Thanks Ladies, 

    Hang Low Sweet Chariot .. lol. I have a couple problems. When I went for the Myleogram last week, they very nicely told me my Kyphosis is just plain awful & getting worse. This makes my shoulders, girls, look lower than they are. 

    Also, I had a L Lateral Thoracic Fusion through the L Rib. The Myleogram is showing hardwear pressing on a nerve. My Surgeon is reluctant to do another Spine Surgery as I was Septic with Staph my last surgery. So, I have an appointment with PM for an njection to see if that works first. 

    He gave me the go ahead to have a breast reduction, tho. I am going to see how the injection works.  Maybe, have it in Jan. I did find a Comfort Bra that still gave me support. 

    Thanks so much for all your help. 

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    I have tried so many bras and been so disappointed.  I just can't handle an uncomfortable bra at this point.  So I got to trying pull over bras and finally found one that actually has quite a bit of support.  Granted my standards have been readjusted  but not walking any runways at this point.  What I buy are Hanes Just My Size #1263.  They run bigger than most of the other pullovers I tried.  They really do have support and are soft and comfortable.  Going by their size chart I sized down 1 size.  [edit].  I have 8 of them.  And on that rare occasion I want better support I wear two.  It works.  If you don't need Just my Size, look for "Womens pure comfort bra, Hanes where they have smaller sizes. 


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  • Sorry Liz!  Case of fingers moving faster than brain!  Will watch that in the future.


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    Thank you Cindy

  • Thank you so much. That’s just what I bought!  They are a very nice bra & inexpensive! 

  • So glad you found what you needed! 


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    I always step into my bra so to avoid lifting arms and step out of it while sitting on the bed. You can also get bra lengtheners shopping channel or any lingerie or even some dollar stores. It makes a few extra inches to make your bra wider.

    I've also had a breast reduction 2 years ago at 56 years old and my back and neck felt really good afterward, 

    however, it was painful under my arms and chest because I had skin excision with liposuction but that was an extra expense added on. I had to stay overnight for pain control pump so suggest you ask Anesthetist for that extra help. 

    I wished I had it done when I was younger because it was a difficult recovery for the first few weeks but you will need help with chores and no lifting and showers and even getting dressed for a while.Pillows supporting your arms.

    I'm a D size right now and wished she could've done smaller but she couldn't for my body size. I was G  which is bigger than DDD and I even was so large and couldn't breathe at night. so that's way better sleeping now

    I still wore large size old bras because of swelling and pain at first but now wear size 3X Ahh bras with the pads in so afraid someone would bump into me. 

    It was still worth getting surgery for me though. All the best.


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