Bra Recommendations For the ladies



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    Thank you Cindy

  • Thank you so much. That’s just what I bought!  They are a very nice bra & inexpensive! 

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  • So glad you found what you needed! 


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    I always step into my bra so to avoid lifting arms and step out of it while sitting on the bed. You can also get bra lengtheners shopping channel or any lingerie or even some dollar stores. It makes a few extra inches to make your bra wider.

    I've also had a breast reduction 2 years ago at 56 years old and my back and neck felt really good afterward, 

    however, it was painful under my arms and chest because I had skin excision with liposuction but that was an extra expense added on. I had to stay overnight for pain control pump so suggest you ask Anesthetist for that extra help. 

    I wished I had it done when I was younger because it was a difficult recovery for the first few weeks but you will need help with chores and no lifting and showers and even getting dressed for a while.Pillows supporting your arms.

    I'm a D size right now and wished she could've done smaller but she couldn't for my body size. I was G  which is bigger than DDD and I even was so large and couldn't breathe at night. so that's way better sleeping now

    I still wore large size old bras because of swelling and pain at first but now wear size 3X Ahh bras with the pads in so afraid someone would bump into me. 

    It was still worth getting surgery for me though. All the best.


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