2 Questions.... 1 about a pain pump

First, I’ve been thinking about talking to my doctor about a pain pump and was just curious about any info anyone could share.

I’m currently taking Vicodin 10mg 4x a day but it is not properly managing my pain. Before the Vicodin I was taking Dilaudid 2 mg 3-4x a day in early 2018, but my PM wanted me to try decreasing my meds down to the Vicodin. He put me on 5mg 3 times a day but that has gradually increased to the 10mg dose I mentioned at the outset. 

My quality of life is greatly impacted by my pain. I work PT (10-12 hrs a week) but that’s about all I feel up to doing. I’m fused at L5-S1 (2013) and bulging at L4 and L3 but I find the majority of my pain is in my SI joint. And I’ve tried shots and RFAs. The first 2 RFAs worked beautifully for a year each but I’m not getting relief from the last one I had done (March 2019). 

I want a better quality of life. I’m only 45. My main reason for leaning towards the pump is that I’d like a pain management approach where I wasn’t always thinking “when can I take my next pill? How many have I taken today?, etc. I’d also like to wake up in the morning w/out severe pain and aching in my SI joint. 

(Q2) But having said all that, I’m also wondering if it wouldn’t just be better to go back to the Dilaudid. I had stayed at that dose without increasing for 2 years.

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    I had a Medtroncis pain pump implanted in Jan. 2017 using morphine. Any kind of narcotics were not working and I was out of options as I m not a candidate for surgery.  I have herniated and bulging disc from L1-L6, spinal stenosis, DDD, scoliosis plus other spinal issues. As I was waiting to get the pump turned on I was also weaning off of all the meds I was on. By the time the pump was started I was just on morphine. And yes, not having to keep track of the clock anymore is nice. 

    I also have a Personal Therapy Manager, a small remote device that I can get extra every 2 hrs. if I need it. But it does not cover SI joint nerve pain. I have to have injections and/or Medrol Packs for that. The pump only covers the spine. Finding the right dose has been a journey, some refills I have it increased some I don't. You just have to find your tolerance level.

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