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MRI after fusion surgery

I am wondering is any of you have had MRIs after fusion surgery.

I was fused from t10 to L5 12 years ago. Several years ago I started having numbness and tightness on the inside of one of my feet. It get worse in the cold weather. I have been to PT in two different places. I have seen my spine surgeon, a regular orthopedice doc, a foot and ankle specialist and now a neurologist. I had an emg done on both of my legs and the doctor wanted to order a MRI. I told them I would go back to see my spine surgeon to see what he says about a MRI



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    To answer your question, yes, I have had several MRI's since my fusion surgery. A MRI shows so much more than other diagnostic test. 

    Good luck with your decision and keep us posted.

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  • Like Sandra, I have had several MRI's since my fusion surgery, the only problem with a MRI after fusion is that sometimes the hardware creates deflection on the images, it seems though that the newer machines do a better job than before.

    Take care and keep us posted


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  • Boleksiak,

    Yes, it's perfectly safe. They will need to know where your fusions(asked prior to the scan) are but it's safe. I've had several MRI's and I have multi-level cervical, L2-L3, and L5-S1, Total left hip replacement. I have a pain pump now as well and had the same concern getting an MRI after, they change just adjust the settings apparently. I was in a car accident last year and had to undergo multiple MRI's on the same day and even then, no issues.  Good luck

  • I had a fusion in March of this year and had an MRI in May. I was told it's perfectly safe.

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