Diagnosing Spinal Problems

A couple of months ago, my daughter posted regarding her current back problem.   Five years ago, a MRI indicated two annular tears, and this really never bothered her.

All along she was commuting to NYC via train (5 hour daily trip), so she was not driving.  Several months ago, she changed jobs and is now working in Stamford, CT.   Hour commute each way.  Since this started her back was beginning to become a bigger problem.

New MRI still show the annular tears but nothing new.  She was also having SI Joint problems, so had an injection, which really didn't help.   She had to switch spinal doctors because  of insurance reasons and since then she has had two ESIs with zero luck.   Compounding things, she was rear ended two months ago and has some whiplash symptoms.

At this point the doctors are recommending a stem cell injection, but are the first to admit, they dont know how successful this will be.   They are also recommending a discogram to further diagnose the problem.   Still nothing concrete.

But, I have to say all my years with Veritas-Health and the gallery of medical articles and videos has definitely helped me in trying to sort out the problems.

She's 42 and I dont want to see her going their a number of spinal surgeries like I had.......  More diagnostic work, more detective work to sort out the problem.



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    I remember some time back when you started talking about her back and she had posted also. I am so sorry she is going though this. A lot of us can relate when we know there is something wrong but the test do not show anything. 
    As a parent, I think it honestly hurts us worse than our child hurts.

    You are a good detective and, like you said, with all the great articles Veritas has to offer, I hope you find something to help her.
    Take care of both of you,

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