Can Not Escape This Pain

It started as a muscle spasm in between my shoulders that caused severe pain, like someone standing on my back and crushing both shoulders together and then popped up this spot directly in the middle of my spine that feels like pressure and that my vertabre is about to pop!

Ive been to the hospital 4 times and the urgent care 4 times and the last time i was finally given answers to the problem in between my shoulders.

The doctors said there are bands of muscles in my back and that theyre spasmd out which has caused my upper spine to straighten and completely ignored me on the feeling of intense pressure in one of my vertabres in my lower back.

They put me on baclofen 10mg.  Half a pill every 8 hours which i had to start taking 10mg every 8 hours for it to work. They seemed to do the trick with the muscles spasmed out but not the pressure and pain in the vertabre. 

I was told to get reffered for a MRI but my PCP just put me on more baclofen and told me to come back in 1 month. 

Now the baclofen does not seem to be holding back the muscle spasms, other muscles in my knee and calf are starting to spasm and i have been drinking a TON of water each day. 

I have been being tortured for 2 1/2 3 months. I want to scream and yell and run away, and even wanting to kick the bucket. 

Before this happened with the " pressure knot pain" directly in my spine where i would sleep on my stomach every day until one day at work i felt this huge hard pinch in my spine. 

I began sweating, i had tunnel vision and bad anxiety i thought i was literally dying. 

I had 1 month off work in order to feel normal again.

Im TERRIFIED of this " hard pinch" happening again. 

Ive been sleeping in different beds afraid that my actual bed is casuing it. This pain has caused huge amounts of stress in my relationship and with a tons of time missed at work because i can not simply do my job and am terrified of hurting myself. 

I was hoping anyone could read this who may have had similar pain. 

Im going back to make my pcp refer me to a mri tomorrow. 



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  • CantEscapeThisPain - Has it been a month since you saw your PCP?  Sounds you caught in the standard U.S. pain protocol.  The first is generally scripting you pills.  If problem goes away, "problem solved".  If patient doesn't complain, problem solved.  (I am being sarcastic, but honest). 
     You need to be your own advocate.  If it has been a month, call your PCP.  If it has not been a month, call your PCP.  For the level and time of your pain, it sounds like you need to become a "squeaky wheel". 
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  • Yes you definitely need to advocate for yourself! I know it's hard to find the energy when you are in pain but it sounds like you've been pretty patient. I'm glad you are going to insist on and MRI. I find if it's muscle, PT helps besides the muscle relaxers to calm things down but making sure your spine is in tact is the reasonable next step. My heart goes out to you, those muscle spasms are awful and sure hope you find some answers soon. Please keep us posted.


  • Hi

    I also suffer from the same type of pain between my shoulders, I hope you

    find a treatment option that will help, It sucks being sore everyday.

    Good luck

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