I had the ablation procedure 3 weeks ago on my toracic area T6 T7 T8  on rhe right side I felt sore for 4 days But after that I started having burning sensation and feels like the worst sun burn and it's not going away I can t lay ,sit or touch my back I been applying ice pads lidocaine paching aloe cooling gel and no relief Worst 10 days of my life  Anyone experiences anything like this ? Is this going to be permanent?



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  • Hi dodolina48 -- so sorry for just seeing your post now. How are you feeling now that it's been a couple of months? My understanding (from my doctor and other posters) is that side effects like these can happen and are unlikely to be permanent. While I have different residual pain from the ablation than yours, it has been over a month of pain post-procedure for me and I'm just now starting to feel ever so slightly better. My doctor said it can take up to two months to heal completely, and I've heard others say it took them longer. In the small print when you look up the procedure it does say that permanent nerve damage is possible, but my doctor is adamant that my particular pain (stabbing/searing around injection site) will heal with time. Per my doc, the nerves can take a while to die off completely and can become easily irritated in certain positions, with movement, etc.

    I am not a medical professional and am only relaying what I've read around the internet, heard from other posters, and learned from my doctor about my particular situation. I hope it provides some measure of comfort if you're still struggling -- I know how frustrating it is to be in pain for longer than expected!

    I'd strongly recommend letting your doctor know what you're going through and asking them for guidance on how to hasten recovery, relieve your pain, etc. Hope to hear that you're feeling much better. 

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