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coping with chronic pain and depression

natpatnnatpat Posts: 2
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Hey All,

approx. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with DDD, facet joint disease, end plate changes, which resulted in a stress fracture of the L4/L5 vertebrae leading to a double fusion 2 years ago (2017) which has failed as I still get the same pain if not more. 

Pain radiates from my lower spine throughout my whole right leg to my foot, and it appears no amount of opiates or muscle relaxants can control. I have been on shortec and longtec since surgery, also pregabalin and anti depressants. 

I have tried numerous alternative therapies and exercises but nothing ever appears to give any relief. 

frustratingly I am only 41 years old, have two young children who I struggle to look after, struggling to hold my job down and feel as if my marriage is failing as my wife has had to create a life without me as my only relief is lie in bed.

PLEASE HELP!!! I am at the end of my patience 





  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,730


    I am so sorry you are struggling through this. But you have to remember, you did not bring this upon yourself. And to find relief will take patience. Have you thought about pain management? They can find ways with different procedures to find you pain relief. Below is a link that you may find helpful.

     Pain Injections Health Center 

    Chronic pain and depression can go hand in hand. It can also cause problems in a marriage or relationship. But that is where you have to be stronger, both of you, and say we will fight this together, supporting each other. My biggest supporter is my husband. The next best place is here on this forum. One day one that I joined, I have gotten more support that I could have imagined. All you have to do is talk to us.

    Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Sorry to hear about your pain and depression . I am new to sight and wanted to respond because I am having another day of pain and depression. I hope you feel better very soon

  • What about nerve blocks and/or ablation? I know it doesn't work for everyone but that has always seemed to me like a pretty powerful tool in the kit (never had it done, just read about it).

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,730

    Welcome to the forum!! I'm sorry you are having a bad day. I think most of the time the depression comes from not being able to do what we used to be able to do. At least that is what happens to me. The phrase "I used to" comes up a lot. But I have learned I still can (on some things), just have to do them different. I am going to hurt laying in bed or up doing simple things. I'd rather be up. 
    A good place to be is here. You are helping yourself and hopefully will be able to help others on the forum.

    If you need to talk or vent, we are here.

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  • Hi Nancyann, my heart goes out to you. I have unrelenting pain too but I'm a grandmother and retired so I don't have to do much. In one way I wonder if having to get up and get going for others would keep me going. It's hard no matter what phase in life you're in! At my worst, I feel like life is passing me by and I start to look at the "I use tos" like Sandra mentioned. I went to a garden center with a friend today, I started to think of all the flower beds I used to have and the negative thinking started to set in. I have to intentionally turn my thinking around and so I just stood there in the middle of the green house and soaked up the color and beauty and enjoyed what I could do and my spirits lifted. I need help doing this on a regular basis, so I come here and sometimes vent and sometimes pray for others and once in awhile have something to say. It helps. I also see a chronic pain counselor which I would highly recommended if you can. It also helps to have friends over(I'm a widow) distraction helps a lot. Please keep in touch, there are very caring people here. Blessings. 


  • I meant to address my remarks to natpat as well as nancyann. 

  • Hi natpat and nancyann

      I too am so sorry both of you are dealing with this

       I've been struggling with spine issues since I was 41 . I am now 58.. like everyone else I have watched my world shrink down . And like everyone else we tend to gravitate to our beds..believe me I did that for many years. Problem is though we think its helping it's not matter of fact it's the exact opposite. 

       What it did to me was made me lose muscle mass very quickly which inturn cause lack of core muscles which are so important.It ended up causing me more spinal issues .. I'm not talking oh get up join a gym..I'm talking just trying to move more..and try to limit the amount of time in your bed. Believe it or not it helps both physically and mentally. Cause like the other said pain = depression.  

      We also tend to think of all the thing we use to do or maybe could do just a few months ago. I'm a great people watcher I live near a resort so I'll go sit and just watch the vacationers walk by . I tend to zone in on people my age and all they still can do verses me sitting there on the side lines..that too tends to be normal with us spine suffers. Believe me your not alone you have many here in the same boat.

      So everytime you hear your bed calling you..and beds tend to lie lol...yeah it might feel better but its sucking the very life out of your muscles..just pause for a second and rethink that you have a chair maybe in the living room were you can sit comfortably and still be involved in your family's life ? or are you able to maybe try and just walk alittle around the yard..something about being outside and hearing the noises of life can snap you back real fast into life plus it helps keep you mobile...I'm only saying these thing because I care and dont want you to make the same mistakes I made.



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