10 years of cervical and lumbar pain

I have daily neck and/or back pain for 10 years. I stay active,tried physical therapy and take fioricet and advil daily. My dr wants me off meds and I cannot understand how I will cope ? Depressed and anxious....Nancyann 



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  • Welcome

    You didn't mention if you have had a diagnosis of what is causing your pain, if you have not had a formal diagnosis, I would encourage you to keep looking, there are a lot of us here that understand what you are going through, it is very frustrating trying to find the source of your pain, but you have to keep trying.

    Take care and keep us posted


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    If it were me, I would want to find the source of the pain. Don't treat the symptoms but treat the cause. I would also get a second opinion with diagnostic testing. 
    We all understand how depression can get in the way when you are in pain. But stay positive and find an answer. Don't just give up.

    Tke care and please keep us posted.

  • Do you have migraines? I ask only because I’m aware of Fioricet being used for migraines (not back or neck pain). 

  • I have disc degeneration and arthritis in my lumbar spine and neck. I also have migraines.  Thanks everyone for your posts . I need approval from insurance for an updated mri since its been 10 years. The migraines are not as frequent but the back and neck pain are daily. I can usually cope with only fioricet and advil but it can be very depressing. I needed some support and found this site. I appreciate all the responses. Nancyann 

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  • nancyann

    You have come to the right place for support and encouragement.

    10 years is a long time between diagnostic imaging, there ar many conserative treatments now that were not available then that may be beneficial to you, living in pain day in and day out is no way to be if there are treatments that will help.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Hello.  I am new to your group and I have had several surgeries on my lumbar and cervical spine.  The most recent was a cervical fusion of C2 to T2 in May 2019 and a fusion of S1 to T12 in my lumbar a year ago this month.  Since my recent cervical fusion, I am experiencing severe pain in the left side of my neck and my left shoulder and down my left arm.  Not to mention the pain I am still having in my lower back with it making my right foot stay numb like it is constantly asleep.  I have had problems with these issues since 2001 and I currently do not have a pain management dr.  I get so discouraged when I go to pain management and the staff look at you like your are drug seeking when most days I feel like giving up and crying.  What do you guys suggest?

  • Scooper19

    When you are hurting you need some form of relief, most good pain doctors will not look at you like that, they know who is in pain and who is not and seeking drugs, I would encourage you to get with a clinic and be treated, if they look at your records they will know why you are there.

    Take care


  • Scooper, I am also new to this site. You are not a drug seeker,you are searching for help. I have had doctors tell me to try the treadmill for back pain. They obviously have no clue. Read some posts and you will see you are not alone nor a pill seeker. Glad you found this site and will find some support from others in similar situations. Nancyann 

  • @Scooper19 I am so sorry your not finding the help you seek through pain management. In today's environment they tend now to first treat you conservatively and with non opioids first which can be a hard road of trial and error. As for your continue pain first off your only a few months out of a really major fusion that's alot of levels to have fused at once so it will be a slow process healing. With my last surgery which was a 360 done a week apart and alot less levels then you it took me over a year to regain enough strength in my neck to go without a collar..but that's not saying it will take you the same amount of time as we all heal at different rates. I understand how hard it is ..its like you have to tip toe now in order to get proper pain management but dont give up..


       You definitely need up dates scans..ALOT! can change in 10 years time so I would make sure you get a new one asap.

      My wish for both of you is you get answers and help with your on going pain as soon as you can..just remember times have changed in the pain management world..its baby steps now as you work toward getting help..good luck to both of you and welcome to the site  :)

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    Welcome to the best supporters on the web!! As you can see, we all understand what you are going through. We all deal with our own pain and frustrations at what doctors will and won't do. But your pain needs to be managed. I did not fully understand this until I started going to pain management 5 yrs. ago. 
    One thing a lot of us do is keep  pain diary every day. What hurts, when, how bad, what does it take for you to ease it up (lay down, sit, etc), and the most important is how this is affecting your daily life. When we go to the doctor, we take this with us and let him read it. Most of the time it gives them a better understanding of what you are going through.

    Take care and please keep us posted. We are all on this journey together.
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