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Hi All,

Been dealing with neck pack for 5+ years but never really took it seriously.

In the past 2 years its come on very bad to the point where its affecting my life. Sleeping through the night is rare. Often I wake up and feel like i've been beat up. Dealing with pain 24/7 changes you...It's hard to be sociable and positive, and even focusing at work is tough. My office chair feels like a torture chamber. A lot of times I feel angry that everyone around me can seemingly enjoy life so easily while it takes so much effort from me to just go through the motions.

Just wanted to connect with some people that can relate and share some words of support. I'm working through some PT right now but I'm not sure its going to solve the issue. Hopefully my doctor will finally be willing to prescribe a MRI.





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    Welcome miner49er, we're glad you are here!

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    You have come to a great place for support, we do not judge, so feel free to whine or vent, we all do it. It's always helpful when you go see your doctor to have as much information as you can about your condition so you can talk to him about it. Let me know if there is anything particular you would like to read about.

    Again, welcome to the Veritas Health Forum.
    Take care and keep us posted.
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  • Welcome miner

    Sandra is right, you have come to the right place for support and understanding, there are a lot of us here that understand what you are going through.

    Take care and keep us posted


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  • It is very hard to be positive when you are in pain all the time! It is hard to have a sense of humor too, but we still have to give it a try! We do need to give other people a break. Unless someone is in pain, they truly don’t understand. How could they?

    An example is when my lumbar discs were all going out and I was trying to work as I was waiting to get surgery to fuse L1-S1. My boss thought I should just get those back heating pads because I would feel so much better...needless to say, he was just trying to be helpful and didn’t know what to say or do. He was completely clueless, like most people without back issues. I know I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him when he made the suggestion a heating pad would fix everything. After he came to see me in the hospital after surgery and knew what I had went through, he told me he felt like such an idiot for ever saying anything in the first place! 

    Do you have an ergonomics person at work that can help adjust your work station/area so that your day is more manageable? Standing desks, moving your monitor so your neck isn’t as strained, different chair? It is amazing what they can do if you let them know what you are dealing with so they can try different things for you! Talk to HR if you aren’t sure who to go to, and see what your company has available for you! Totally worth the ask!

  • Hi miner49er! Welcome and sure can relate to what you're saying! 24/7 pain definitely changes your life. It's been 20 years for me but I was somewhat functional until the last five. I often feel like I'm watching the world go by and I long for the days when I was in it! Now I have to intentionally change my thinking to be content with what I have and can do. Gratitude helps me with that change in thinking but some days it's like I have to pry my mind away from that "stinking thinking" as my husband used to call it. He passed away 3 years ago. He lived that one day at a time thing so well. I'm retired but I remember the days when I didn't think I'd make it through. Titaniumspine had some good suggestions, I was able to vary my work station, standing some, sitting some, good chair, just walking away for a bit helped too. 

    I've been seeing a chronic pain Counselor which has helped me a lot at this stage. They are a little hard to find but it was well worth the search. My pain management doctor actually told me about him after we had exhausted all the medical options. I do wish it was the first thing they do instead of the last! It's so helpful in dealing with the day to day effort just to move and the depression that inevitably sneaks in. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I can do today! Hope you'll keep us updated, we get it! Blessings.


  • miner49er.....your post struck a chord with me. Especially the part where you said "A lot of times I feel angry that everyone around me can seemingly enjoy life so easily while it takes so much effort from me to just go through the motions."  I also have those same feelings and thoughts.  Chronic pain changes who we are, how we perceive things and the challenge of getting through it takes a mental toll over time.  

    When I do feel good and can do the basic everyday things I feel so good mentally! I know always happens...the back pain returns I feel myself feeling mentally stressed by thinking I must ignore the pain and get through this chore. 

    I had to quit my full time job because of back pain.  But I accepted it.  I went out and found a part time job which I eventually had to quit for the same reason....too much pain.  I loved working and having to stay home was a real mental and emotional blow for me.  But as always....I accepted my fate.  

    My dear hubby has taken over so much of the household chores that I can't do anymore. He gladly accepts and doesn't complain. I feel the guilt of burdening him with extra things to do. But I still try to do what I can. Like...he washes the dishes but I can wipe and put things away. He vacuums the carpets but I can do the non-carpeted floors. I feel that at least I can do something even if it is less than what I want to do.  There always seems to be compromises but I am learning to find some joy with what I am still able to do. Small victories!    :)

    I am finding this forum is a good place to come visit to read about how others are coping with painful spine issues. And to know our struggle is real.  

    I hope you find some solution to working with less pain at your job.   

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  • miner49er - Please be an advocate for yourself.  Sometimes you need be be a squeaky wheel to get doctors to listen, but be legit if you are complaining.  Also, MRIs are not necessarily the best diagnostic yardstick or as some people say, "the gold standard".  After five years, from my experience, please be seeking to see a spine specialist.  I kept being brushed off, even though I finally got a couple of MRIs that were worthless and have now ended up with permanent spinal cord and cervical nerve root(s) damage because I did not receive timely treatment.

    If you get told, even after an MRI, "nothing found", that is all it means, nothing found.  That doesn't necessarily mean there isn't an issue.  You live in your body and sometimes you need to go with your gut feeling.

  • Miner - I'm so very sorry that you're suffering.  I can't stand the pain I have (lower back pain)… it makes everything I do harder.  There are times when I seriously don't think I can go on.  I wish I could offer some helpful advice.  I know with neck pain it is very, very important that you wear the best supportive shoes you can find (maybe you've already tried this).  Seeking advice from a spine specialist or neurologist is a definite thing to do.  Like you, I have found this forum very helpful.  Sending you healing thoughts!

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    hi miner49er 

         I'm so sorry you are hurting, I've had neck pain going on 8 months now.   I can't imagine 5 years,   I know what you mean by the beat up feeling, I wake up every morning feeling like I had the [edit] out of me.   Like a massive kick to the base of my skull,

         It's hard not to feel angry....

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