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Help! I'm a 35 yr old Male that is normally  very  active.  However,  I threw out my back 3 weeks ago. Initially it was 100% all back pain. Now it's 90% quad pain and 10% back pain.  The pain seems to worsen while standing, walking and now lying on my stomach.  The strange thing is I initially felt good lying on my stomach doing mckenzie stretches. I know I should be patient  and it may self heal in another month or so, but I would live to hear if anyone has  experienced something similar and any recommendations  for speeding up the recovery.  I'm itching to get back in the gym and be able to be more mobile.  Right now I can move  around for 5 min after lying on my back or sitting before the pain is too much. 



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    Yes, patience is the key here. It it were me, I would rather get back to being 100% physically able to get back in the gym without doing more damage. Even if it took a month, the gym will still be there. Check out the link above,

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  • I have sciatica and also do the Mckenxie exercises.  Like you, I find that some days certain poses like laying on your stomach with your upper body raised and supported by your elbows (Sphinx Pose) can be painful.  Other days it is painless and feels good.  My observations are it’s usually worse in the early morning and can sometimes improve if I can move into the pose slowly.

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