Mysterious Groin Pain

Basically this injury has been ongoing for 8 years now, no doctor has been able to solve it yet so throwing this out there for any who who has any similar problems. Any and all advice is welcomed :)

Background: 26 year old female living in Washington, DC. Competitive runner growing up but have not been able to run for more than 20 minutes in the past 8 years. In the past 2 years I've only been able to run for 5 minutes before groin pain emerges. Pain first started on a run 8 years ago in the middle of a long run.

Groin Pain: Pain is felt only on front right groin when I am in motion. Pain starts as feeling very tight in right groin as a warning sign and if I continue to walk through the pain it turns knife-like. 

What makes pain worse: Walking more than 10 minutes at once, running, biking, raising right knee above hip (putting on shoes), ab exercises that require using hip flexors (bicycle crunches/flutter kicks/etc.)

What makes pain better: holding right leg behind and bending forward to create a 'popping' sound that gives temporary relief. Sitting/no motion. 

Treatment so far: 

Physical therapy in 3 month stints for past 7 years
June 2018-Cortisol injection into hip joint, no change/no relief
September 2018-Hip arthroscopy surgery for labrum tear, no change/no relief
September 2018-June 2019-Physical Therapy
May 2019-Pelvic Ultrasound, nothing found
June 2019-present-Anti-inflammatory medication, glute strengthening exercises, ice and heat daily, very minimal walking
June 2019- Iliopsoas bursa cortisol injection, no change/no relief
August 2019- Quadratus Femoris cortisol injection, no change/no relief

Doctors seem to be stumped at this point. Discussion of tendon release surgery as next step.



  • After reading just the first three paragraphs my brain was screaming “labral tear.” 

    But I see you’ve gone down that route and it’s proven unsuccessful.

    Have you had an Illioinguinal nerve block? I’d ask your doctor about that. 

    Also I’d want an MRI of my right abdominal wall and a general surgeon consult. 

    That’s just what I’d do. Please keep us posted and welcome to the forum!

  •  I'd also like to add I get alot of groin pain and numbness which at time can be very uncomfortable from my si joint problems. 


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    Hi all,

    I had this same injury and I wound up having to figure out for myself what was going on. While getting all kinds of unnecessary tests and procedures done (including a colonoscopy), a nurse dropped me on the floor and I have bilateral SIJ issues, 2 bulged & torn lumbar discs, and chronic pain. The fall also caused both hip labrums to tear and I required extensive hip surgery along with abdominal surgery to repair the original core muscle injury. My back is permanently damaged and my life as I knew it is gone.

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