Has anyone had injection while taking Plavix or after having a TIA?

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When it rains it pours. My myleogram was Aug 13. According to my Surgeon, hardware was pressing on nerves in the Thoracic Spine. He sent me to a PM specialist  for an injection and I was to make an appointment with him 2 weeks afterward. I see the PM doc this week. Except that last week I wound up in another hospital with a TIA & was put on Plavix. I have to see a Neurologist & am waiting for my primary doc to give me a name of who to see. I am in terrible pain & was counting the days till this injection. Do you think the PM will refuse to perform it? Has anyone been on Plavix & had one? Thank you. 

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    While you are waiting for other members to reply, I wanted you to know how sorry I am that this has happened. Since you do have an appointment this week with the PM doc, I'm sure he should be able to tell you what he can do to help you.
    Take care and please keep us posted.

  • Hi @MaryAnne59 

    I was wondering how you were doing? 

    I was placed on plavix following a stroke several years ago. 

    Take care!

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