Can a C5-C6 herniation cause tingling in places other than the arm?

I have a herniation at C5-C6 that’s one sided in the neural foramen, so most of my pain is in one arm. I’ve had two epidurals and the pain and tingling have only escalated. I see my pain doctor tomorrow and am hoping to be sent back to the surgeon, because I’m having a hard time with daily activities and I’m exhausted. I’m over it. 

Anyway, I’ve noticed pins and needles down the insides of my legs and on my shins. It will happen seemingly randomly, with nothing that I can see that would have caused it (like sitting funny). I’ve also noticed tingling in my face on the side that’s affected. Can a cervical herniation cause this?  Is it unrelated?  All in my head? 



  • spooky42 - I've had multiple level cervical issues.  I've had similar sensations to what you are describing.  I highly suggest that you report these symptoms to both of your doctors, especially your surgeon.

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    I agree with stiffneck7. Talk to your doctors, let them know what is going on. I always take my pin journal with me, not only to explain what is going on but how it is affecting my daily life.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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  • Hi, 

    New to this forum, I'm based in the UK. 

    And looking for some positive feedback with people having surgery on their cervical disc's

    I had a c6/7  disc replacement in 2010,  which took them nearly a year to find that my disc was impinging on my spinal cord, was then such a rushed surgery, was told by surgeon if I didn't have it done I'd probably paralysed myself, so agreed to the surgery, with the promise of  I'd be back to work within the following 2 weeks, were now in 2019 and still unable to work,  surgeon said after the op the next disc up will need looking at in a few years ( me in my head why not do it as a precaution) after living with the pain and restrictions for the past 9 year's, lost a lot of strength in my right side, just get results back today from msk I need the c4/5 3/2 disc's replacing,  am I wrong into thinking this could help, after being told it could have been sorted back in 2010?

    Anyone who has had these type of  operations, would really appreciate your feedback


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