Neck and facial pain related to scoliosis



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    Have you seen the Scoliosis Health Center on Spine-health? It features a list of doctor-authored articles about different types of scoliosis and scoliosis treatment options. It has a lot of really helpful information about scoliosis.

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  • Hi john9,  sorry to hear of your discomfort but glad you found us.  I was diagnosed with a 51 degree lumbar curve at age 58 that wasn't there 3 years prior.  So needless to say it was moving fast.  I elected to have fusion surgery (10 levels T9 - S1) due to the rapid progression of the curve and my post menopausal age.  Those old bones aren't going to get any harder.  Anyway, my question to you is what type of dr. have you seen?  Spinal orthopedic surgeon?  Neurologist?  Chiro?  General physician?

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  • Hey urbmshr, I’ve seen 2 orthopedic surgeons(one recently), my primary doc (a long time ago) and a dentist. No neurologist. 

  • You said you are considering spinal fusion. Is that what has been recommended to you? At least by the ortho and not the dentist.
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