anybody fill Schedule 2 Rx at CVS?

for anybody that fills their Schedule 2 (for me MS Contin 15mg X 2 and Oxy/APAP 10/325 X 4)  Rx at CVS...

my insurance will require that I fill all Rx at CVS starting next year or pay retail cost.  Never having used them , all I know is the horror stories I've read.  According to what I've read concerning their policy...being a chronic pain patient in pain management, I will be able to get a 30 day supply at one time...also I'm at 90 mme, so that's at their prescribing limit.  So it would seem that the only obstacles I could run into is that at Rx fill time, they're "conveniently out of stock and will have to order" and malarkey like that.

if anyone fills there, please give me some good news...thanks!    



  • You could always go to another pharmacy and use GoodRX app on your phone. VERY GOOD discounts on meds. Almost as cheap as with insurance. Hope this helps.


  • The state that I live in requires all pharmacies to register all Schedule 2 scripts in a state managed database.  I think some states even share that information. 

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  • Thay still report if you use GoodRX. I use it because it is usually cheaper than my insurance.

  • I talked with my closest CVS yesterday, and they said they'd have no problem filling my Rx next year...famous last words?  I'll see once my first Rx is sent to them

    thanks on the Good Rx tip Chanright...I'll check that cost when refill time comes...but it'll still have to be through CVS unfortunately

  • CVS and all major pharmacies accept GoodRx. Download the app to your phone. Type in your medication and how much of it you are getting per your prescription and it will tell you whay the cost is at all major pharmacies in your area. Good luck my friend.


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  • Hi scinmyheart,

    I’ve used CVS for years for everything from Vicodin to Morphine Sulphate on a monthly basis and rarely, if ever, had a problem. My husband and I even traveled across the country, strategically stopping at CVS’s, to pick up our respective prescriptions and didn’t have any issues, even though we were thousands of miles from home. However, since stricter State and Federal guidelines have been enacted, I don’t think I would try that again!  If the CVS is aware that you will be coming in each month to refill, they should be able to have what you need in stock. And yes, check out GoodRX! 

  • thanks Alydara...that's good to know

    on a side note...was just check next year"s plan benefits for my insurance...I'm under Aetna which CVS bought last year they're requiring precert for generic ms contin and putting a quantity limit on oxycodone...I'll see how that goes

  • whatafallwwhatafall Posts: 2
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    I had several bad experiences with CVS and will never spend a dime with them again. First off, it is not the pharmacies job to over rule what your doctor has prescribed you. Some patients need more then others and it's the doctors job to determine the dosages. Because CVS is a private company they have every right to limit what they sell but we as the consumer have every right to find another pharmacy.

  • got my CVS Caremark info in the mail last week outlining my Rx guidelines starting next year...for my 10 mg oxycodone/APAP I’m capped at 180 tablets/25 days...for my 15mg MS Contin it’s capped at 90 tablets/25 days...anything over must have pre authorization...and get this—if approved for larger amount the whole Rx is on you RETAIL (my10 mg generic oxy for 120 is over $400 retail)......nice way to keep amounts down “without keeping the amounts down”

    but it’s every man for himself, and I’m fortunate to fall under pre auth limits

    ***don't know if this is CVS policy across the board or just for those that have my insurance which was bought out by CVS last year

  • As I wrote earlier in this thread, the state I live mandates all controlled substances prescriptions have to be registered in a statewide database.  I think many states have gone that route.  My PCP who sits on the local health system pain management advisory board told me that physicians in my state are being flagged for opioids scripts.  For the most part anymore, opioids are only being allowed for post surgical pain management (usually 10 days) and palliative care. 

    Many pain management doctors in my area have either retired or dropped using opioids as a tool for pain management.  I asked him that a chronic pain patient with severe pain, what their remaining options are and he just shrugged his shoulders. 
     Thank goodness my SCS unit is working and I sure hope it continues to work.  My state does allow medical marijuana, but is very expensive.  If a chronic pain patient can get it insurance approved, I think they are still allowed pain pumps. Makes me wonder my suicide rates are up locally?

  • I have had Aetna for years and CVS is the closest pharmacy. I make very good friends with the pharmacists and staff, and because I’m on so many meds it’s like walking into Cheers when I pick something f up, but my name isn’t NORM.  try and get to know them and it will help some.  

     My doctors have gone to bat for me and gotten the prior authorizations which also helps immensely.  Plan ahead and bird dog lame doctors offices on refills, again ahead of when you need them   

    I did get a letter from Aetna In September stating my medications would be subject to new coverage rules and I may have to change formularies in 2020, so I immediately asked for details so I could work with my providers and get ahead of anything drastic, like BP anxiety neuro and chronic pain meds.  I was told since they don’t know what plan I will be on in January that couldn’t be provided.  I said the same one I’m currently on and they never responded back.  Really? 

  • I switched to CVS about a year ago because I always got the out of stock story from Walmart. So far, no problem at all. They will start requiring e-scripts next July here in Kansas. My Humana (part D) premium did more than double however. It's sad that we chronic pain patients are being hurt by abusers and greedy insurance companies but that's just a sign of the times I guess. 

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