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I'm 55, and I have Chronic Pain from my back to my neck,leg's and everywhere else. I was in pain management and came up with some cocaine in my system.. I told my doctors The dosage was not doing the trick!! They decrease my meds. After being dirty,I was put off. What Can I Do?? Hurting!!!



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  • You have put yourself in a tough spot, illegal drugs will get you kicked out of any pain practice, it is most likely in your records also, the only thing to do now is try another practice.


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  • Just speaking from my own experience....there is no way my doctor would continue an opiate prescription if there was cocaine found in my bloodwork. He doesn't like testifying regarding his liability at a coroners inquest.    I would assume pain clinics are even less sympathetic...

    As said....try a new clinic?

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    It’s not surprising that you were dismissed. Using cocaine or any illegal drug is automatic grounds for dismissal, and usually makes it very difficult to find another doctor willing to take you on as a patient. This is now part of your medical records, so if you decide to try to find a new dr., you are going to have to tell them about the cocaine use. They WILL find out if you try to hide it, and that will only make them less likely to treat you. 

    No matter what your reasons are, drs seriously frown on patients who self medicate, use illegal drugs, and fail to follow their directions. I am not aware of how long or how much cocaine you were using, but it seems that getting that stopped should be your first priority, and perhaps seeing an addictionologist might be beneficial in helping you in that regard. 

    In the meantime, I would look into other methods of managing pain besides medications and street drugs, such as physical therapy, ice, yoga, Pilates. TENS, massage, anti inflammatory meds. 

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