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My PM Dr is wanting to install a pain Pump. I am suffering from Central Pain Syndrome residual of stroke, also failed back surgery. While there is not a lot that can be done for CPS I read Prialt may help. Has anyone had luck having this medication covered by insurance. 

Another question I have is how noticable is the pain Pump? The Pump rep said it installed in the back. 

I feel like the reps gang up on you like a used car salesman. Of course they are NOT going to share the cons with you. Any info from people familiar with the apparatus would be greatly appreciated. 



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    I have a Medtronics 40 cm pain pump with morphine. It was implanted in Jan. 2017 due to scoliosis, ruptured and herniated disc from L1-SI, DDD , spinal stenosis and other spinal issues. Mine is located on my left side along my waistline. Usually, they will make a pocket out of fat to place it in until it builds scar tissue so it can become secure. It also depends on where they place it so it's not noticeable. 

    I do not have any experience with Prialt, as I stated, mine has morphine. Depending on your concentration rate, I had to have it refilled about every 6 weeks. To me, a very simple process that my PM (pain management) doctor does. I also have a PTM (personal therapy manager), a small hand held device that I can give myself a bolus shot every 2 hrs. If it were me, and I have done this, ask questions, lots of questions. I would also find out where they will put the catheter. Mine is at T10.

    I do not regret getting my pump. I would hate to think of What kind of pain I would be if I did not have it. The only other meds I take are Neurontin and Robaxin for muscle spasm. If you need any more information I will be more than glad to help you out. Just let me know.

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