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Nerve Ablation/Denervation



  • Well, I'm still feeling incredibly inflamed, weak and in lots of pain.
    It has only been about 1.5 weeks, so I assume and hope the relief is coming. It's just not ideal at the moment.
    I'll report back.

  • Well, so far it's been two weeks since my ablation, and today might be the worst day so far.
    I've iced myself 2-3 times a day, and I just iced myself and now, oddly, feel worse (which is a first, icing usually helps).

    My pain specialist's facility is closed now. I'm just starting to genuinely worry something is wrong.

    My understanding of RFA is that a person ought to feel progressively better - especially after two weeks.
    I seem to be feeling progressively worse... Any thoughts??

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  • Travis_Brown - If you feel you need immediate care, maybe you should consider going to urgent care center.  If the pain center is open tomorrow morning and you feel you can make it through the night, you have to decide what seems appropriate.  Often one important indicator of immediate care need is if you are running a fever.

  • Thanks for the reply. I had another one of my doctors prescribe a narcotic.

    I made it to my pain specialist today, and he said my ligaments around the site of the RFA were likely damaged. I didn't even know that was a possibility, and we'll have to wait likely close to 2 months before we know if the RFA worked because that's how long it'll take before the pain goes down from the ligament injury. I would have been more hesitant to get the RFA had I known that.

    He did prescribe me gabapentin and something else to help with nerve pain and my hypersensitivity problem, which I'm hoping will help.
    Given my unusual response to injury and hyper sensitization problem, it may take even longer than normal to heal from this ligament damage, which is quite disheartening.

  • I had RFA done 3 days ago. 4 weeks before that I had the diagnostic test. I felt like a new person. Then 2 weeks later I had the second diagnostic test and felt like I took a terrible turn for the worse. Then two weeks later I had the RFA. So far, I feel only slightly better than I did before the first diagnostic test. I am hoping my healing will be a little better each day, as the nerves die off (I hope). I go back in, for another diagnostic for the sciatica in my right leg. 

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  • Sitsalot - I'm glad you're getting at least a little relief. Where did you have the RFA done?

    I'm still in much worse pain after getting my RFA. I'm assuming it'll last at least another month until my ligaments heal.
    Hopefully some people will come across this thread and discover that this is a possible outcome. I'm quite bummed.

    I hope you're pain keeps going down and the next RFA provides even more relief!

  • My wife and I are investigating this as a possible strategy for relief from debilitating back spasms, which had been an occasional issue but over the last two months she's had only a handful of pain free days.

    Having had a different kind of ablation, for arrhythmia, my understanding of that process is that the person doing the work needs to be highly skilled and experienced. I traveled to Austin to get my AFib ablation from a guy who is arguably the best in the world, and it paid off.  Wondering if that holds true for lumbar ablations.

  • Good luck with your wife's procedure.

    It may be that you need someone who has done it a lot. I thought my doctor had. I'm still feeling worse.

    I'm trying to see two or three new rounds of doctors. This is getting so fucking old.

  • Travis:

    Could your provide an update and answer a few questions?  What were the characteristics of your back pain?  Was it nerve pain or low back muscle pain?  There is a big difference between them, and whether RFA will work or not!  How do you feel now (Sept)?  If it has helped you, could you quantify it?  What percentage of reduction in pain do you feel?  Is it continuous, or does the lowering of pain occur only sometimes?  Any update you can provide would be most appreciated.  Thanks.

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