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Ankle surgery fusion of joints and xrays

Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to get some input on my recent xrays of my ankle to see what you all thought. So a little background when I was about 16 I had surgery on both of my ankles because of a sever form of flat feet, the doctors told me it was to hopefully realign my ankle and help me in the long run. I am 30 years old now and since my initial surgery I have had chronic pain in both ankels in various areas, I've gone back to several doctors over the years for pain relieve which involved different medications and other non pharmaceutical medicines such as oils which did nothing. The last doctor I seen which specializes in orthopedics finally ordered an xray to see how bad everything was and his finding were that I would need fusion in the joint below the ankle which should hopefully relieve some of the pain. I'm not so worried about what I'll be able to do physically because I stopped playing sports years ago, but as long as I can walk and get through the day without having to down pain medication and lay down for hours with a throbbing ankle ill do it. I'd really like to upload a photo of the xray to see what everyone thinks  after looking at it, it seems like there's a growth almost like bone spurs but I'm not to sure all I know is, is that I'm constantly in pain and the area on the xray which looks like to sharp points poking each other is where it hurts. Let me know what you guys think. And thank you for listening  



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