Crackling/tearing when moving

My back pops alot (which apparently is "fine")... But what I'm more concerned and wondering about is this particular area of my spine between my shoulder blades feels tight and stiff... And when bending side to side (not really when bending forward/backwards) it crackles/tears (definitely not popping) and I feel it tugging on my ribs/muscles.

Wondering if this is something someone else deals with and what it could possibly be?



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    A doctors visit is in order, they would be the best to give you a diagnosis.

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    You might want to check out: All About Upper Back Pain. The article reviews the most common causes of upper back painsymptoms, and treatments. It has a lot of practical information that you might find helpful.

    I agree with Chip though, your doctor is the one that can answer your question.

    Take care and keep us posted.
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