10 Level Fusion 3 years ago, Chronic Pain

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Hi Everyone

My post with my story is here

I just had to come somewhere to vent, so its almost 3 years and I have pain everyday,

I have done physio,bio-kinetics,aqua-therapy and nothing has helped for the pain.

I take 4 tramacet(Tramadol/Paracetamol) everyday, but they have lost there evectiveness long ago,

so I am now addicted to them and they dont help anymore

Now and Then when It gets bad I go to my GP and he gives me a cortisone injection and books me

of work for 2 days

Life is good other than that, I just wish for a pain free day sometimes.





  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 818

    Hi Herman!  I'm sorry you have so much pain still.  Does the cortisone help?  I'm almost 3 years as well, and yes, i have chronic pain too.  I manage most days with a heating pad, ice and tylenol.  but do still need some painkillers now and then.  I guess I'm lucky as I haven't had any problems with addiction and can put them down with no problem.  I do have constant problems with muscle spasms and rib pain-which is honestly driving me insane some days.  I keep going back to PT, off and on, and if i don't swim pretty much every day i get worse.  Walking still seems to be difficult!  I would have thought 3 years down the road that this would be some ways it is-and in some ways it isn't. 

    Has your doctor suggested anything else?  I often wonder about getting radioablation for the nerves that are causing my rib pain....but i don't know if they can even do radioablation once there's hardware in there.  My followup is not until february next year, so i may be calling to get back earlier....

    yeah, i wish pain free too.  for everyone!  i also remember how bad i was before surgery, so this seems to be an improvement for me still....but it does wear thin being in pain every day.  especially when the pain treatments only knock it back a notch or two and there's never a moment without something hurting.  hang in there.....hopefully your doctor can suggest something else that can help! 

  • chonnacchonna JoplinPosts: 24

    I'm 3 yrs out from a 7 level  fusion and I totally understand.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, the surgery helped a lot,  but it is so exhausting to hurt all day every single day.  I will soon be 70: I have good days when I can push thru and get things done.  I work full time as a receptionist and I do very well, but when I get off work it's pretty much straight home to the heating pad.  I take Gabbapentin and Metaxalone and Meloxicam for pain and it doesn't sound like I will ever get off them.  I had steroid injections this past week and I think it helped some but now that it's getting colder I feel more pain.  And to make it worse  my supervisor thinks I'm "milking" it. She and HR have decided I have had time to recover by now.  My surgeon hoped for 70% improvement,  he didn't expect to make me "well".   Oh I wish there was a way to transfer my pain to them just long enough for them to understand.  

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  • hi all thought I would jump in here with my input..i am just about to hit 3 years,, for the first two years post I saw inprovments with it seems each day the pain grows a little bit..still it is nothing to what it was. I also had guillian barre last year at this time and that caused a little bit of more nerver damage I will need to lear to live with..also it is getting colder..witter is comeing and I know that means increased pain.. yes even after surgrey we all seem to still have some sore of pain..but for most of us it is not nearly as bad as before. swimming for me helps the most..but with dads decline in health I have not been able to keep up with that..hopefuly after the new year I can get back to it. we all have something else in common besides our pain..WE are all Fighter! we do not GIVE UP! and it is what get us through this. and the fact that here we have each other and we can vent with out judgement..hang in there we are all in this together

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