Can someone help?

I have had a worn disc around T12 and have done for past few years.  Pain when flares up usually manifest in my left upper abdomen although when you touch the area in my back that hurts too!  I usually keep pretty fit but have over the last few months had several colds and am having problems exercising.  I started getting chest pain right under my left breast on exercise and breathlessness.  Cardiology completely checked out and okay.  However pain in chest now goes through from front to back and around my left side.  Worse on exercise.  Not always aware of it but it can keep me awake at night.  Went for a run a week ago and pain intense and lasted at least a day and easily set off.  Getting more pain at night now. Noticed a little bit of pain coming on my upper right abdomen.  Breathless on going up hill.  Is there any way this could be caused by my worn disc?  



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    Here’s a great article about back pain on Spine-health that you might want to check out: Back Pain Overview: A Guide for Understanding Back Pain. It’s a very comprehensive article. I hope you find this information helpful.

    Your stmptoms are very consistent with mine, my T12-L1 disc is herniated, I have the same pain that wraps around in the same area and hurts in my ribs, there is not a whole lot of information on thoracic problems out there. Have your doctors created a treatment plan for you?

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    I think all of us with thoracic pain are screwed. Well not all of us because there have been some good outcomes on here but thoracic problems are not common.  It also seems like doctors want nothing to do with you if you have thoracic problems.

    It sounds like you might be having a pinched nerve going off and on.  If the worn disc shifts and pushes on a nerve you are going to feel it.  I'm saying this by your chest pain.  When my nerve gets pinched in the thoracic area it feels like someone just stabbed me through my chest.  It makes my teeth hurt, breathing makes it hurt and moving.  There is absolutely nothing I can do to help relieve it when that happens.  I just have to give it time and eventually the disc will move again and free the nerve.

    I've gone into the emergency room because of this as I didn't know what it was.  Felt like a heart attack.

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  • Hi Gees01 

    So sorry you’re going through so much pain. I had a tumor at T10 and I had s Laminoplasty done in March of this year from T9 to T10. My symptoms are somewhat the same as yours. Pain in back radiating to the chest. feels like I’m having a heart attack when it’s pretty bad, sometimes it’s hard to breathe. My midsection, mostly my left side is very stiff, feels heavy and is painful to the touch. My Neurologist said the nerves are causing the symptoms in that area. It’s also affecting my mobility in that my legs are very stiff, heavy and painful so it’s difficult to walk.  I’m on Gabapentin, which is helping a little. All the best to you. 

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