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Failure to Fuse Hell

LukaLLuka Posts: 2

I had my left SI Joint Fusion Surgery 4 hrs ago and it was a Disaster at best. I too told the Doctor immediately something wasn’t right but he didn’t listen. They later did a Revision to move the screws away from the Sciatica nerve (imagine that). Long story short...4 yrs later I’m still in constant pain, left buttock (pirifiormis muscles) and hip has issues and it’s all related. I have lost so much flexibility and I can’t bend down to save my life. Oh yeah, I obviously parted ways with that Surgeon but most interesting is  a recent scan just revealed [edit] that I did NOT fuse at all.They said I was. I knew something had to be wrong with all the issues, limitations and pain. At this point I just want the hardware (screws) OUT since I didn’t fuse anyway. I can’t find anyone willing to touch their Screw-Up!! or even performs Removals. I can’t get past the Medical Assts or Clerks on the phone because they decide for the Doctors before they even hear 30 secs of my story! I’m Not fused. It Failed. I WANT MY LIFE BACK. 

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  • Luka, what an ordeal you've been through! It's SO hard when you feel like you are not being heard! Your symptoms sound like what I have now without the fusion surgery. I had considered having the same surgery.......for about a minute. I've read too many nightmare stories and my PT who I really respect gave it the thumbs down. I know it probably works for some but it just seems to big a risk, at least for me. I've had enough surgery and hope and pray that I don't need anymore that I can't avoid. 

    You said you had a recent scan. Who did that? Could you just make an appointment to see the surgeon and discuss the matter, maybe you've already done that? I know you're ticked now and you have reason to be but I find if I go in with a non accusatory attitude, they have a tendency to listen better. I have a PM doctor that I have had issues with and I've had to be honest but calm with her or it doesn't end well, at least for me, lol. I do hope you can get someone to listen, living with chronic pain is bad enough! Blessings!


  • Yes. You are so right. As of a few hours ago I called another NeuroSurgeon’s Ofc and was blown off by the Medical Clerk so I asked her to “Listen for a Sec” . She had decided she knew my life story and had it all wrong from the30 secs she didn’t get it was a Fusion Failure and she had no right to decide the Doctor couldn’t help me so quickly. I demanded to speak with someone else. I got a call back from an ofc Manager and I asked her to please listen. I’m a  20+ yr Veteran and so on. By the end, she said the Doc and Others in the Med Group had done at least a whole lot of Fusions but hasn’t really done  any Removals. She asked me to send my CT Scan and I requested it from the last radiology clinic to be forwarded to them already. I’m never giving up. I’m already screwed up, so I’ve got nothing to lose. Lol. 

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