Facet joint injections

I am 25 years old and have been struggling with neck pain for a year now. Scans are all normal. Tried everything under the sun to “fix” my headaches and pressure in my head. I have seen chiropractors religiously. Found out I have a straight spine. Zero curve in my neck. So my pain doctor things my facet joints nights be inflamed and causing the headache. Injections are on the 25th. Meanwhile I am dealing with this weird “snapping” sensation at c6-7 that is driving me crazy... no one can give me an answer. It feels like a tendon or something is catching and it’s really painful. Again, scans are all clean.... 



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    I just wanted to wish you the best for the 25th.  When you are in pain, 2 weeks can seem like it goes by at a snail's pace.  So, I am hoping it goes by quickly for you.  Let us know how it goes!

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    Hello alyssam3494!

    You’ll also find a number of helpful articles and videos about injections in the Pain Injections Health Center on Spine-health. It’s a valuable resource for anyone who’s looking for more information about epidural steroid injectionsmedial branch nerve blocksradial frequency ablation, and SI joint injections. It covers a wide range of topics, too; from injection success rates and what to expect during an injection procedure, to common side effects. I hope you find these resources helpful. 

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  • alyssam3494 - Was your original neck pain triggered by trauma or neck injury?

  • No injury or trauma. Which adds to the level of weirdness. I have been in several car accidents, which my chiro thinks contributed a great deal to the beginning of the pain

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