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Facet joint injections

I am 25 years old and have been struggling with neck pain for a year now. Scans are all normal. Tried everything under the sun to “fix” my headaches and pressure in my head. I have seen chiropractors religiously. Found out I have a straight spine. Zero curve in my neck. So my pain doctor things my facet joints nights be inflamed and causing the headache. Injections are on the 25th. Meanwhile I am dealing with this weird “snapping” sensation at c6-7 that is driving me crazy... no one can give me an answer. It feels like a tendon or something is catching and it’s really painful. Again, scans are all clean.... 



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    I just wanted to wish you the best for the 25th.  When you are in pain, 2 weeks can seem like it goes by at a snail's pace.  So, I am hoping it goes by quickly for you.  Let us know how it goes!

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    Hello alyssam3494!

    You’ll also find a number of helpful articles and videos about injections in the Pain Injections Health Center on Spine-health. It’s a valuable resource for anyone who’s looking for more information about epidural steroid injectionsmedial branch nerve blocksradial frequency ablation, and SI joint injections. It covers a wide range of topics, too; from injection success rates and what to expect during an injection procedure, to common side effects. I hope you find these resources helpful. 

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  • alyssam3494 - Was your original neck pain triggered by trauma or neck injury?

  • No injury or trauma. Which adds to the level of weirdness. I have been in several car accidents, which my chiro thinks contributed a great deal to the beginning of the pain

  • I have similar symptoms but my images do show a lot of disc degeneration at c5-6-7.  Before I found out about my cervical spine issues, I wondered about Barré–Liéou syndrome. You could google it it and see if the symptoms compare.  These kinds of neck nerve problems can be  very difficult to trace down, and of course, even harder if the images don't show anything specific. I've been at it for 6 years and I've been investigated for sinus issues, vestibular problems, leaking spinal fluid etc. and cleared on all fronts except the discs.   I have had the facet injections too, and they didn't do much in my case, but hopefully you will see some results. You're young and the good news is your discs are okay so you should be able to find a solution working with a good (patient) physician.  Hang in there.

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