26 years old with 50 degrees scholiosis

Hi everyone, I am scared, confused and everything you can call it, just feel miserable..need advise from people who have been in similar situation.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 years old, it has then progressed. 4 years ago I had my X-rays done and I had a 45 degrees curve. After that I had a baby who is now almost 2 years old and being holding him in my hands almost all the time, on top of that I went to a big stress.. anyway to cut it short I had my X-rays done again recently at it showed 5 degrees progression, doctor said it is not a severe progression and is as expected because of my pregnancy etc. I have to have a follow up after 1 year to check the progression.  Has anyone had progression after pregnancy and then it stopped? 

I am scared of surgery so much, I start think that I will not be able to make and I want to be with my family and child :( I don’t know what to do :( 



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  • Hi,

    My input is to delay the surgery until really needed, Even if your fusion goes well it takes a long time to return to normal

    and there will be limitation on your movement.

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  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 851

    Hi Nemuta!

    I can't help with your question about the pregnancy at all.....but my surgeon did my surgery once i hit >60 degrees.  I had a fast progression though, so went from 60 to >90 (yes, my spine collapsed) faster than anyone my surgeon has ever seen.  in the span of 6 months i went from 60 to greater than 90 degrees.  Everyone is different and watching and following it is a wonderful plan, so that you can see how fast the curve is progressing.  5 degrees in 4 years....and if you watch it every year now, you'll know for sure how fast it's going.  can you talk with your doctor about exercises that may help?  Enjoy being with your family!!!!  You would get the chance to watch your baby grow up again, and they grow up so fast......

  • hi welcome to the group..i had my surgrey at 58 after age progressed my curve form age 21 32 degrees age 40 45 degrees then surgrey at 58 60 degrees with a 22 degree recureve.. we all progress differently..i was allways told having a baby would incress my curve 4 to 6 degrees. keep a close eye on it..i would get yearly messurements. also if planning to have another chield just know curve could move again. do not have the surgrey till you have to.. you will know by how much pain you can take from it. by staying thin and fit (in the gym) you can help with progression and pain. good luck..just my thoughts..and ask doctors lots of question..all so..where is your curve..lower upper mid???

  • Hi guys, thanks for all the replies. I have met a surgeon 2 weeks ago and I must say that I never had such a bad experience with a doctor before. First question he asked was why I was there at all if I did not have a pain and that me denying to have a pain was a lie because I was scared of the surgery. I am not a child anymore, why would I hide if I had a pain? He said there was no follow up appointment needed at all and I could go there when I thought surgery was necessary. His comments were absolutely wrong and he did not event explain anything. I am going to ask GP to refer me to a different surgeon who can explain to me what is the best course of action and if follow up checkups can be scheduled to see if my scoliosis progresses. I am honestly terrified of thinking about the surgery, I feel like I may not be able to cope at all and that I may not see my family anymore. I believe everyone goes through this phase anyway.

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  • Wow I can not believe that doctor was soooooo rude.  Yes plz do get a second  opinion.  As far as the fear of this surgery.  That's real  and normal.  But read all of WLLady post and my post..there is so much support here. We will all be here for you to help you get through  it all. Yes it is a big surgery  and it is life changing..but you can do it, if you have to..get a new doctor and keep us informed..look for one who specializes  in scoliosis..good for ya

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 851

    oh my goodness it gets me when doctors presume to know what their patient is feeling!  (Been there-not with my spine surgeon but with another doctor).  anyways, if you don't have pain that is wonderful.  if you are scared of surgery, guess what?  you are normal!  i'd been super worried if someone was going into this surgery without doubts and honestly, terror....i sure was....and i had debilitating pain and would have done just about anything to have it get better and i was scared out of my mind.  I f that had happened to me i would get a second opinion.  there is no harm in a second opinion, and i wouldn't want someone that i didn't trust to do a surgery like this. 

    it is life changing....but there is also life afterwards.  my biggest thought tho is if someone is pain free, and thinking of doing this surgery, they need to be prepared the there will be pain afterwards.  for me, i was in so much pain before that my pain afterwards is so little compared to before, but as my husband said if he had the pain that i have now after surgery, and he had never had pain before, he would be unable to function.

    We have to listen to our bodies.  and do what is right for us.  and if you do not have trust in your doctor then no harm in getting a second opinion.

    Please know we are here....and we've been where you are today....and we're here to help!!!!

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