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Searching for Pain Mgmt

Here's the issue, my husband has been going to PM for a while and has been a great patient, kept all appointments, pill counts all correct, drug screens all perfect, procedures done even if we didn't believe he should continue getting poked with needles when it wasn't working except RFA's(those work) but he did them. Long story short, he was in a car accident and went to the hospital and I (had the records sent to the PM due to the severity of the injuries.) Next visit to PM he was discharged for the hospital's dirty urine screen. I understand the contract was broken and all but it's frustrating because now due to the way the PM Dr wrote the discharge letter it is really hard to find a new PM. There's never been an issue ever and it wasn't even their drug screen it was the hospital's therefore if it wouldn't have been sent to them (I willingly sent it, they didn't even know about the accident)(I didn't know about the urine test) My question is how can we get another PM, my husband's meds are about to run out and the pain is crazy.



  • Why was the hospital urine screen dirty? Was he taking non-approved meds while in the hospital or just prior to the car accident or did the ER docs give him narcs intravenously in the hospital just prior to the urine screen?

    This is one of the more complicated situations like this I’ve seen. Can you be more specific on why he failed?

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