New Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulator does not work

I had a. New Stimulor installed a year ago. It does not work properly. It Is the stimulator that changes setting when you stand sit or lay down, mine does not recognize my position all the time .It will go to the highest standing position when are sitting or living down .Then I have to jump up and turn off the stimulation.I think it has actually burned me. I called Medtronics and said they have no cure for this problem.I say if they don’t have a cure why are they selling them. I have found 21 other people with the problem and told them,it did not make a difference..DO NOT BUY  A METRONICS SPINAl CORD STIMULAToR



  • I have a Boston Scientific and it performs very well. I have no complaints. I am sorry you are having problems. Maybe you will opt to have it removed if they can't get it to function properly. Or maybe they can turn off that feature in your programming. Not sure but I would think that they could just turn that option off. Hope all works out for you.


  • Have you asked your rep to remove adaptive stim and just change intensity manually? I’ve had my Medtronic since June 2019 and I don’t use the self adjusting feature. My rep also gave me the ability to change the pulse width and pulse rate which you can’t do running adaptive stim. Being able to adjust width and fire rate may alleviate some of your side effects and it gives you the ability to target specific areas on your own without having to go see a rep. 

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  • jbowerjbower wisconsin Posts: 170

    Isn't there two settings on it? I have a medtronic stimulator that I got 3 plus years ago and mine has 2 settings/program's.  One where I can feel it and ine that I cannot feel.  I like the pulse feeling though so I leave it on that mode but if I'm doing something where I'm moving around a lot or working on something I change it where I can't feel it.  That way I don't get electrocuted.

    When I first got it I was in the garage doing something where it hit me so hard I fell like a rock and hit my head on my son's bike. I turned it off right away and stood up with blood coming out where I hit my head.

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