Nortriptyline for chronic pain

Hi everyone! My dr just gave me a prescription of Nortriptyline for my chronic pain and nerve damage in my lower back.  I've had 3 lumber fusions since 2016. My L3-L4 and L5 have all been fused together.  I've got osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, edema in  both hips, fibromyalgia and a few other things that are going on with me. This med is supposed to help you sleep all night without pain. I take it at bedtime...And it is supposed to continue to work throughout the next day. My 1st dose was last night, well I've been awake since around 12:15 am, it is now 7:22 am. I'm praying that this med starts to work soon.I am wondering if any of you have taken Nortriptyline for chronic pain and if so how much, if any, did it help you?



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    As with any medication, it takes your system time to adjust. I always eat sometime before I take my meds at night. It helps your stomach digest the meds. Unless your script states not to eat. I would give it time before deciding it doesn't work.


  • CoastBella,

    I have been taking Nortriptyline for over 7 years, and it does help with my nerve pain, but doesn't get rid of it completely.  I take 75mg each evening.  I take it at about 7.00pm in the evening, generally with a meal, but that isn't necessary.  I think it does help me to sleep, although my sleep is always disturbed by becoming very uncomfortable in bed.  I find that if after turning over a couple of times, I am still not comfortable the best thing is to get up and walk.  I go to the bathroom and then back to bed when I can generally get comfortable enough to go back to sleep.  Some nights I wake up a couple of times in the night, but always at least once.

    I agree with Sandra above that you should allow time for your body to get used to a new medication.  At least 2 weeks or probably a month before deciding how it suits you.

    My Pain Consultant put me on Nortriptyline, which he said was similar to Amitriptyline, but had less side effects.  He told me that he took it, and that was enough to convince me to try it!

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  • I wake up all throughout the night due to pain. And I will stay awake for hours on end. I try so hard not to take my pain med, but in order for me to even be able to go back to sleep I have to. And I hate that I end up having to do that because being in pain management, I'm only given so many per month. And if I have to take one at night, it cuts me short for the next day. It's a Never ending cycle! So I'm praying that the Nortriptyline will help with my night time pain. And I wouldn't know how to act if I did actually sleep all night with less pain. 

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