New Rule for E-Scripts

I went to fill my two monthly paper prescriptions today for MS Contin and Percocet and learned that in my state, the law changed over to e-scripts last Thursday.   So I couldn't fill them and now have to get my doctor to send them, which hopefully I can do when his office reopens tomorrow.  My bigger concern is that I see him once every three months and our process ever since my insurance has started limiting me to 30 day scripts (use to be 90 and that was really nice but things have changed) is to write me three 30-day prescriptions.  I have no idea how we will navigate this new change with the e-scripts.  I'm posting this to ask if anyone else has had to deal with this issue and if so, how have you and your doctor dealt with this?  Does he or she set up an automatic e-script to go out on a certain day every month, or do you have to phone in or email in and ask for them to do it several days before its due to be filled?  I know e-script should be easier, but not when it's ONLY e-script and no paper prescriptions allowed.  Thanks for any advice.



  • daughter62...don’t really have any info to help you, but I’m curious how this will play out

    my state will require them starting next year, but my doctor has been doing them for 4-5 state also requires monthly visits if on Schedule 2 Rx, so the days of doctor visits every three months are long gone

    I do call the pharmacy later the same day to verify they were received as I don’t want any surprises when I get there especially if it’s on a weekend...I do miss the paper Rx

    ...just guessing here but I imagine it’ll all fall on the doctors shoulders....don’t know if the pharmacy would accept future card for a couple of month’s ahead...just my opinion

    guess the office could send one in each month if they could remember???

    some interesting variables would this the doctors office would know when a new state law of that magnitude would be going into effect

    good luck and please keep us posted

  • Great question.  My state changes too at the first of the year.  My hope is that at my monthly appointment, they will just be sending them all over electronically instead of handing them to me.  Then I will call the pharmacy the day before each one is to be filled. 

    When I go to my appointment in November I will ask how this will be handled.  If they are going to have the nurses send them over when they are due, that will be a problem.  Its very difficult to get a nurse to call you back at the PM office I go to.  And my LA med always comes due on Saturday. 

    I will let you know what they say.  I think my appointment is on the 9th or 10th.


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  • NYS has e-scripts for schedule 2 meds, in fact for all prescriptions. Still have to go to the drs office every 28 days, to see the dr before they are sent though. 

  • Thanks for your replies.  I guess this is something that will have to be figured out as it goes.  If we had the option of either/or, I wouldn't feel this way, but with it being only e-scripts, I can't help but feel this is just one more way the laws are being changed to make it yet harder for us to get our legal prescriptions.  I have been taking the same meds for going on 20 years and have always been compliant in every way.  I really don't know how I would function pain-wise without them but for the first time I'm thinking about trying to find out.  I also have an appointment with a med mj. doc next month at my doctor's suggestion, although I'm not really interested in taking anything that will give me a high feeling and cost is a concern.  Still, it may be an option.  Thanks again.  I'll post back after my appointment next month to update how we worked this out.

  • I feel the same.  One more thing we can control taken away.  I always just feel better having all three scripts for the month in hand.  Several times a nurse has called to say the doctor realized they had surgeries scheduled for my appointment time and I had to go a week later but still needed scripts that day.  There was no doctor there to sign them so I had to wait an additional day.  Do they have to sign the e-scripts?  Just one more thing to have anxiety about.  I truly hope it ends up being better for all of us.


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  • I know what you mean Cindy.  When I contacted my doctor's office yesterday for the e-script, the nurse was very responsive but unfortunately there wasn't anything she could do for me.  My doctor is out of the office until this afternoon, so I'm out of one of my medications until today at least and hopefully it will get sent and filled today.  

    One thing I'm curious about for those that get them sent every month now by e-script.  How strict are the requirements?  Do they have to be sent on the exact day they are due to be filled or is the pharmacy allowed to receive it a day or two early, as long as it's not actually filled on the fill date?  I'm thinking for patients like me who don't go every month, maybe an email or phone call to the doctor a few days before to request it might be the solution, but only if it doesn't have to be done on the exact date, which will would inevitably lead to it at least some of the time being late, especially if doctors are unavailable.

  • daughter62...don't know if it varies by state, but the nurse I see always sends the Rx in as soon as I leave the office after my appointment...sometimes a week or more before it's due...the pharmacy will just sit on the Rx in their system until it's time to be filled...I don't like to have my appointments too close to the due date since the pharmacy may be out of stock that particular them time to know it will be filled and can order accordingly

  • That makes sense.  I will check with the pharmacist here but I would think it shouldn't matter to them as long as we don't try to fill them early.  Thanks.

  • I'm also in NY and everything is electronic and I have to see the PM doctor every month. But it has been like clockwork since. I only get a 30 day supply.

  • Joel1QJoel1Q Posts: 377
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    In CA my PM has been sending escripts for a few months now.  On my last visit last month, I was told to change my follow up to 3 months instead of every month, since I have plateaued with my post surgical pain and am not improving.  I take Gabapentin Amitriptyline Zanaflex and Oxycodone 5mg maintenance a night (since I’m off MM for a while).  He indicated he would submit for 90 day Rx, but that I would only be able to pickup up my Oxycodone every 30 days. It’s a good question if the Drs office will submit monthly with me seeing them every 3 months.  It’s time to pickup all prescriptions so I will find out soon and post my findings. 


  • I used to sign for the paper one, probably back in 2015, in a notebook they held at the desk. But I would see a succession of people walking in, like young men 25-30, all dressed like hood rats. Like the place was selling the rx out the back door. I think the DEA is behind the electronic rx movement.

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