A Plif and Alift Done at the same time.

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Has anyone experienced The above procedure .Please give some pointers as to 

rehab. time . and recovery from frontal surgery.  


Fast Blue



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    I found two in Jan., 2019 Surgery Buddies. Calisue no longer posts anything but CPinkston does. Below is the link, hopefully there will be some good information there.

    January 2019 Surgery Buddies 


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    Hey FastBlue

    What level is your fusion?   

    I had an L3-S1 ALIF with a planned PLIF at the same time, the PLIF only IF my impingements were not corrected by the 3 cages inserted during the ALIF.  Apparently the person responsible for determining the impingements were ‘corrected’ said no PLIF needed.   The next 10 days I was in unbearable incorrigible pain, the whole war on opiates partially caused that, as I had 9/10 pain in the hospital with PCA (morphine) and was sent home with 10/325 Percocet (which is what I was on Fiore 6 months BEFORE surgery.)  

    After 2 trips to emergency and my surgeon follow up within 10 days, my surgeon ordered finally another MRI, and insurance wouldn’t approve it stat, so I went to emergency a third time at my surgeons request, got the MRI which still showed impingements, and I had the PLIF the next day.  I also got a single room and had awesome care, whereas the first hospital experience was a joke  

    Recovery was brutal for me as I then had horrible neuropathy waist down for months, and couldn’t feel my feet or toes...they are still numb, and I have neuropathy knees down but it’s controlled somewhat with Gabapentin and Amitriptyline.  I was also on massive amounts of opiates after surgery #2 and finally weaned off them after a year, but I’m back on a low dose now for maintenance.    

    I have been told that I waited too long for surgery and damaged my nerves., though I had zero numbness or neuropathy before surgery, just terrible pain in about 4 places   

    Now nearly 21 months later, except for those post op issues and the fact that my sciatica was not corrected (my other issues were) I am glad I got the rods and screws in my back. My spine seems much more stable, I have fallen 18 times since surgery, twice very hard on cement, with no damage.  I was fully fused in 7-8 months.  

    Everyone is different and I had a rough time, but you just have to look to moderator Chip to see the other side of the coin.  

    Good luck and above all, do whatever is necessary to follow Dr orders, do your PT but don’t do too much too soon, and Stay Positive!


  • Joel my Fusion is at L5 With L4-L5 ALIF and ant Fusion at L4-Si and L4 to to  pelvis/

    In other words the lower part Has to be done on both sides 

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