Scare of My Life

Hi guys, I have been a member here for years, but I don’t usually post. Most of my pain was cancer and now autoimmune related, but I do have a lot,of inflammation in my lower back and had a tailbone injury when I was younger. My original pain doc did injections on me a few times, but as that was not the main source of my pain, he quit doing them on me over 8 or so years ago. He retires and the new pain doc focuses very heavily on injections. It’s very frustrating in this new climate that in order to get pain meds, (and  pain meds heavily decreased from where I was), you have to have these invasive procedures. A few months ago I had the injections they do before radio frequency ablation. Right side was fine, but on my left, I had some weird feeling tingles. When I told the PA she said that was blood flowing again in that area and it would get better. It did get better a little slower than I would have licked but it did. I was nervous about getting the radio frequency and since I was gone for a few months this summer I was able to avoid it for those months. 

That brings me to today. I went in expecting them to do the right side first again, but it was to be on my left. That is my worst side so I went with it. The actual procedure was uneventful, I didn’t feel any tingling down my leg, so he zapped me, I got off the table took a little side step but nothing out of the norm from coming off a high table and being on my stomach for awhile. I had my service dog in the car and was anxious to get on with my day. They have you stay 10 - 15 minutes, take vitals etc. I sat for my time went to get up off the table and both legs seemed to collapse. I fell back on the bed, oriented myself tried to walk again and almost face planted. OK total freak out, I get the nurse and she says it’s the lidocaine leaking and my nerves were just numb. I was there by myself and they had me get back into bed and the doc came back over with a very worried look. He says you’re freaking me out. Ah, that was not what I was hoping to hear. He said it was probably the lidocaine and could I stay awhile. I asked to get my dog and they wheeled me down to my car and then went back to see if it improved.

It did to the point where I could walk with support, but my L leg was not working well. Got home had a few things I had to do and fortunately I had a Caine from previous issues and used that so I didn’t fall. When I researched it, it said this was rare but could happen and should be better in about 4 hours. 6 hours later it would improve and then get worse. I was really worried. Fortunately now, it’s been about 10 hours and I can pretty much walk normal although I still have some weakness. But I am thinking and hoping it will keep I,proving. 

My dad just got back down here to FL from up North and had just driven 2 hours from his girlfriends. I was very relieved to have him home through this, for at least emotional support, but then he called me an hour after he had seen me, his girlfriend had had a heart attack and he asked if I would mind if he went down there as her family is all up north. What could I say but of course!

Anyway was still feeling freaked out, although grateful it’s better, and a bit alone so I thought I’d share. 



  • Hi Chrissy, That’s a scary situation but it does sound like it’s slowly getting better. Hope it continues. 

    I’m sorry to read about your Dads girlfriend, and you were right to have him go to be with her. 

    Feel better

  • Hi Chrissy. Yeah that's really scary and to hear your doctor say you were freaking him out, yikes not too reassuring. I had that happen with injections before and it's definitely upsetting even though I knew it could happen. So very glad you're doing better! Sorry your dad has to be gone for more reasons than one! Take care and keep us posted.


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  • Thank you for the responsesJoanne, I wish I knew it could happen, you I wish my doc would have said oh this happens, no worries. Of course I googled complications when I got home and finally I found article medical article that said it could happen and would wear off after about 4 hours. I felt a little better, but what was odd was it would get better, then get worse. One time I could lift my leg and then I couldn’t. Lord it was scary. It gave me a very slight idea into what mild paralysis was like. My left leg would hit the back of my right when I would try and take a step which would then set me off balance. By 7;30, 10 hours later I finally had control back thank goodness!1

    From the news so far, it looks to be a mild heart attack so hopefully things will be getting better for her as well.

    Again, thank you for the replies;-)

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