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Right knee pain

If this has been asked before, my apologies. I recently found out I have OA in my right big toe joint. It also has a bad bunion that is needing surgery. I have held off on that as long as I can. My knee in the last few weeks has become very uncomfortable most of the day. Being on the right knee with a painful bunion makes walking no fun. I find by the end of the day I am limping. My knee feels like it wants to pop. I do have swelling at times. I try to elevate my leg when I can. It hurts in the morning when I get up and pretty bad in the evening. It just doesn't feel like my normal left leg that's for sure. 

My question is can OA suddenly start effecting other parts of the body? I have chronic pain as well with fibromyalgia. I am sure my painful bunion is effecting the way I walk. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor first of December. I figure if my knee gets better by then great I will cancel my appointment. I am pretty in tune with my body as most of us probably are with chronic pain we kind of know when something isnt right.

I did tear my ACl on this knee well over a decade ago and have banged it pretty good in the last couple of years. Nothing more than a good bruise from that. It felt fine then all of a sudden in the last weeks it's been quite bothersome. Even walking around the house and yard can be difficult some days.



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    I don't know about your weather, but as it is getting colder, it always affects my arthritis as well as Fibro. 

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  • I finally got the doctor. It is indeed beginning of arthritis. Osteoarthritis or old age arthritis as my mom calls. I had a suspicion that's what it was just the way it acted with weather changes. I have OA in my big toe on my right foot as well so I'm not to surprised.

    I'm just glad it is something and I wasnt going nuts. You never know when you have other things going on that cause pain like fibromyalgia. He took some x-rays and it was showing some signs of arthritis.

    He is going to start me on Mobic and right now just rest it when I need to and ice as needed which I had already started doing that. Has anyone tried mobic? Also should I get in with a rheumatologist or just follow my pcp directions right now. He said it was mild but defifinately arthritis. That's going to be fun to deal with when I have surgery on my bunion next year.

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    I have Osteo and RA so I know how you feel. It may be a good idea to get a second opinion with a Rheumatologist. 

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