Best painkillers for spinal stenosis?

Tried co-codamol not so good. Now taken co-dydamol - not brilliant.

At my suggestion, GP gave me naproxen also. They've refused tramadol saying if co-dydramol wont work then tramadol wont. So I've got gabapentin now. 

I think my GP is pretty clueless.

What next?



  • angie29angie29 Posts: 52
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    Tramadol is a good pain killer, I've used it before. Could you maybe see a different GP?

    Gabapentin is widely prescribed for nerve pain. It seems to help quite a few people, worth a try?

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,779


    I also take gabapentin. It does not get rid of all of the nerve pain but it helps. Like any other medication, you have to give it time to work and take only as prescribed. 


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  • On co-dydramol now and higher dose of gabapentin. Wont give me tramadol - says if cocodamol doesnt work then it wont work.

  • I've had Tramadol.  In my view a dangerous drug.  It is one of the easiest drugs on which to become addicted.  Perhaps your doctor may prescribe Buprenorphine applied by patches which last a week each,  It's worked for me. John

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