Numbness in body.

Hello, I am 18 years old, I have this problem for 2, maybe 3 years. I have numbness in body and it’s getting worse, i think, but slowly. About one year ago i decided to go to neurologist who send me on MRI. The results are there, I have one lession, deep in my brain and developmental venous anomaly, that’s what it says. Neurologist said me, that is okay, because lession is not specific for any diagnose. And anomaly too, she said, that i have it since i was born. Spinal Cord is all good. i asked about multiple sclerosis ,because i have symptoms like that- numbness in body(head,hands,legs, sometimes in back too), sometimes coordination problem, last night i wake up and my hand was very heavy and doesn’t want to listen me, my hand fell down, but after i moved with my hand more and more, it disappeard.  Sometimes i feel burn in my body too and sometimes i have poor memory. I am on healthy vegetarian diet, i try to eat healthy, my blood results are good, B12 too, so there is no problem. I think that it all started with alcohol, i used to drink with my friends alcohol every day, i know, i am stupid, but now, i don’t drink at all, one year. I noticed that my symptoms were getting worse with alcohol so it can be cause because when i was not drinking, there was no problem. Sometimes i struggle with depression or anxiety too, but it’s not that bad. I am exercising , running,meditating, laughing, I am very positive person but yes, there is depression too, it was hard, i used to be in my bed and just looking on wall. But now, it’s better. Im not taking any antidepressants.There was one situation, i was in bus, on my way to home, and my breath started to by very heavy, my coordination was very bad and there was numbness too, i thought that i fell down.

 But back to neurologist. I am going on MRI again, after 6 months, to assiss dynamicy( that’s what is in paper) she said to me, that it can be tetany so in February, I go on EMG. I don’t know about tetany, i tried to get magnesium (high doses) for one month and it didn’t help me. I don’t have any diagnose yet. But also, she said to me that it can be cause of Hypothyreosis, but i don’t know about that, i am taking my pills and i don’t think it’s cause. What do you think about my situation? I’m afraid that it can be MS, or some serious diagnose, sometimes it doesn’t show on MRI. 

Is there some person, who struggle with these symptoms? 



  • never stop seeking and asking the doctors. force them to lead you in the direction that is correct if they don't know how to deal with you. we all have been in the run-around with many doctors...there are an infinite amount of instances that cause similar symptoms. I have been learning for the past two years, but also I learned to dump doctors before they dump you or get tired of you. I learned to not waste time forcing them to know what they don't know or care about.  there is always someone out there willing to help. while it could be a simple fix, it could also be a lengthy fix, but try to find the right set of doctors..start witha  good "gate keeper" PCP---the sooner the better for you start seeing that someone is on top of your health, yet you need to be in complete charge. if something does not click then move away from it...I am not against medicine, but doctors today seem to only be good to deal with easy situations and they hate to accept they don't know beyond.  keep going!

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