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Getting prepared for coflex surgery

Hello, I am new on here and wanted to share my future experience to anyone who is going to go through L4-L5 lumbar spine surgery.  I think I did my homework on reading, listening to 'newbies', going to my family doctor who is a D.O. and recommended the Coflex procedure.  I know I did not want the fusion.  After a few MRI's, x-ray with flexion to see how well I bend, and numerous neurosurgeons I have seen, there was only one who took the time to show me the MRI's on his computer. I can't pull it up on mine. He told me he does not perform the coflex which I thought he did.  But it was to my amazement he actually too time for me as I was lying down and tend to ease my leg pain.  He told me there are two things going on in my spine.  Number 1-I have a bulging disc and the spine is not aligned correctly.  Number two-the canal is narrowed by the nerve pressing on it.  He also told me being I have an extensive medical history, toonumerous to mention on here, he felt the fusion would be a high risk.  I could not survive the anesthesia because I would be under more than 75 minutes; the threat of spinal fluid leakage and other complications.  This is me folks and I never want the fusion but he took the time.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  I went to another neurosurgeon before him, did not stay in the exam room 5 minutes, told me to read the pamphlet that was on the table regarding Coflex.  I was so disgusted I cancelled the pre-admission and upcoming surgery I was supposed to get.  Unbeknownst to me, he already decided on doing a fusion.  No way.  And, thank God I cancelled.

The second neurosurgeon I went to; the one that had the time to explain things to me also said 'if you have 4 neurosurgeons in one room, they will all have different decisions. Made me chuckle a bit but also disappointed when I left his office.  He did tell me have every report you can for the one who is going to do the Coflex, get the correct clearance from several of my physicians.  The MRI's I have and are up to date.  He even went so far as to give me a list of neurosurgeons who does this procedure around my way and not far where I had to go to see him.

This pain has going on for 2 years now.  It only got worse after I took care of my husband who was 6'7" and fall at home.  I would be the one who had to pick him up until I kept  calling for a lift assistance on 911.  He was a veteran and the VA physician did a home visit and said enough.  He transported him to Coatesville VA center hospice unit where he passed this March, 2019.  I am okay with it now but now my spine has gotten worse from aggravating it.  I never let on to him I was pain and trying not to show it nor was it his fault.  er 42 years of marriage, yes it does get lonely but have lots of lady friends who help me do the chores I cannot do or go shopping for long periods of time.  I had to give up driving-I could not afford the payments so I take public transportation and take it day by day.

I did the injections.  Did not help.  Went to physical/aquatic therapy.  Came home and was in agony.  That is when my family doctor said try the Coflex procedure. That is when I dove into it because I wanted relief.  I will keep posting on here if anyone would like to read.  I have to go slow because I don't know how I am going to be pain wise from one day to the next.

I do have one question though; when I have this surgery and send me home, how do I get out of bed without twisting or bending? Just curious.  I do not have a bed frame which the mattress and box spring in low.  I have a cane to help me lift up.



  • Welcome Luluives we’re glad you’re here!

    The hospital staff and PT will usually work with you on getting in and out of bed and chairs, they have always done a very good job of that with me.

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