MM supply inconsistent


After about two years of experimenting with MM. I finally found the right "concoction ".... I bought 12 bottles of the ingredients,  called the grower to put my two cents in so maybe it will be made again.

Ran out..but YEA.. was able to get another 10 bottles. Now they are getting low and of course no one knows what I'm talking about. The dispensary has such a turn over the new jr. Stoners deny it was ever made.

So back to step two. I need about a 2:1 CBD/THC (indica) for night and a 10:1 stativa tincture for day. There is an app to figure out how to mix it. I get an indica then the highest CBD I can then mix to the 2:1. 

So far if used with ALL my others pain meds, held in mouth for 5 minutes it seems to ALWAYS work.

Just aggravated that I have to spend $200.00 and a week finding a new mix.

This is my experience only and they are state tested tinctures so I know exactly what's in each. I only use these due to dosage, effect, and I would like to keep my Liver, and not cough it up. They work so well my hips relax, acciliese tendon relaxes and I can walk with my heals down and straight legs. 

Guess I'm glad I now have a formula and stopped listening to the company stoners. The ones standing stairing out in never land are a pain to deal with

Oh, yeah after 10 plus years of doctor searching I have an appointment with a neurologist. I was surprised they said come on in. Last time I found one in downtown D.C. for 8 months later. I kinda doubt anything can come from it as they are "sleep" rooted. But maybe



  • Good luck at your neurology appmt. In my experience, different neurologists focus on specific conditions. 

    For example, one neurologist might focus only on migraines while another MS and yet another on spinal nerve abnormalities.

  • For what it's worth. 

    Today I remembered to take my pain meds when I woke up...something I rarely do. I also used a "new" mix of MM TINCTURES. 

    Wow!!!! I felt human again, even went to home depot and just walked around, why, BECAUSE I COULD <span>:smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" /></span> :).

    I'm sure this won't happen again for a long time but wow that was nice.

    Ps: I even felt like running and my legs worked perfect. Didn't though

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  • ArizonaAArizona ArizonaPosts: 181

    Hey, Couch, I'm glad you had at least one really good day.  Hopefully it's a sign that things will be getting better.

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