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spinal stimulator

I have not had this done yet.  Pain mgmnt doctor wants to do it but I'm afraid of having worse issues in the future also have spine disease and won't be able to have MRI possibility.  Who has had this done and what should I consider before doing it.  Doctor says stimulator can be turned off for MRI, is this true?  What was your recovery like and did it help your pain?



  • I had a stimulator for several years, it did help with the nerve pain.

    There are some stimulators that are MRI safe, ask lots of questions and do your research.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • ArizonaAArizona ArizonaPosts: 176

    Are they really "the size of a hockey puck"?  Where does it fit in?  One doctor gave me such a hard sell for it he sounded like a car salesman. He must make a lot of money doing it.

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  • Mine was nowhere near the size of a hockey puck, maybe a little bigger than a silver dollar. ot was located above the waist line on the right side.


  • I have an HF10 Nevro stimulator.  It is MRI safe as long as they know you have it and can make any adjustments they need to in order to do it safely.

    Mine was smaller than a hockey puck, and implanted below my belt line in my upper butt/hip area.

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