Piriformis Decompression

Wondering If any one has had this surgery performed and what the outcome was.

A brief run down on my history, Im a fit active 45 year old but In 2016 I ruptured a disc at L5 S1 and had to undergo a Laminectomy/Disectomy. The outcome of the surgery was great and within 12 months I returned to my sport and am strong and healthy, however since the op I get a pain in my left butt cheek only when sitting and the pain Increases the longer I sit. 

A post op MRI shows a Split sciatic nerve which passes through the Piriformis muscle on the site of my buttock and leg pain, which I might add has been like that all my life.

After seeing a pain management specialist I have had left S1 periradicular cortisone Injection and also several other Injections into the Nerve root and piriformis.

In 2018 I obtained another opinion from a neurosurgeon where we discussed a possible Piriformis decompression might be needed to release the nerve.

I have tried two more lots of US guided Injections with Botox and PRP into the piriformis and the hamstring with lots of PT with no relief.

An Electro case study was performed and returned positive to conduction slowing across the Piriformis. 

The option for surgery is all mine now and the neurosurgeon has stated given the Botox Injections not working but a positive electro case study the decompression surgery has roughly a 25% success rate. So Its fair to say I don't know what to do but there doesn't seem to be any other options.

I have lived/managed with this sitting pain for 3 years now and is now starting to wear me down, Im after any Input or advice If anyone has experienced similar or had this operation.

Cheers Chris



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  • Yes I had Piriformis surgery 

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  • Care to share how it went for you??

  • I had diagnostic Piriformis injection w/bucpivicain to my Piriformis muscle for diagnostic purpose and got completely relief for 5hrs I then had Piriformis removal surgery which resolved my sciatica buttock and leg pain. I also had two Piriformis muscle on my right side. There are only three doctors in the United States does the removal. Stay away from the release surgery. Good luck 

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