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Hi everyone, I've got a real problem and I don't know what to do about it. I really need some advice. Long story short... I've been on the same exact thing, same mg also for about 3 years. For the last 4-5 months my meds have all but completely stopped helping. I've been talking to my dr about this problem and he has given me 2 different types of another kind of med, only a 2 day supply, to see if it helps me more. The 1st med gave me a severe headache, but the 2nd type of med he gave me to try did help better, but like I said, he only  gave me a 2 day supply. Ok, now here is my big problem...I've got a pill count coming up on Thursday and I am 4 pills short of my regular meds that I've been taking for so long. He is quite aware that I've been struggling with my regular meds. I've been going to the same dr for over 3 years and have never had any problems. In y'alls opinion, do you think he will discharge me for being 4 pills short?? Any and all advice truly needed! I'm terrified.  Thanks everyone!



  • He may chastize you, but I don't think he will discharge you as he knew you were struggling.


  • I can handle if he does that, I completely understand if he does that. But I dont know what I will do if he discharges me. I've had 3 major lumbar fusion's. I've got osteoarthritis, severe spinal stenosis, nerve damage,  failed back surgery....Ohhh and quite a few more issues going on. I pray he doesn't. Because like you even said, he's been aware of my increase in pain level because of my meds not helping like they used to for months now. Thank you so much for your advice and your thoughts on this. It helps ease my mind a bit.

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  • I think he will understand. Just be honest with him. They have to respect honesty. And as an aside.... Maybe you could lay off the meds for a day or two to get caught up. Then you wouldn't have to worry. Just a thought.


  • Yes, that's what I was going to do. I'm not happy or proud or whatever that I have ran short....I feel horrible, not to mention embarrased and terrified. 

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    I agree with Chris. If it were me, I would lay off my meds to make the count even. Now, this might cause more pain, but at least you would not have to worry about it. If not, be honest, explaining that he knows what is going on.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

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  • the idea of holding off on 4 pills is good and will result in evening out your count long as he doesn't toss in a drug screen at the same time

    good luck working it out

  • Well,'s a perfect idea, but I have to go tomorrow. And I can't, and haven't been able to change my appointment to be able to do that because they have scheduled everyone around Thanksgiving holidays. So....I'm in a no win situation. I will be 4 short. 

    The only thing I have going for me is I've been a regular patient for over 3 years, I've never failed any drug test, they've been working with me for months to try to find something that helps better,  so they are aware of the med not working properly...and have always been compliant with whatever they wanted to do or try. I've never been a "problem patient".  

    So all I can do is go in and be honest.

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    Not keeping the appt is normally grounds for dismissal in many PM offices, so I wouldn’t suggest trying to change the appt. I also wouldn’t suggest skipping the doses of your meds either. Should the PM decide to order a urine test, you would show very low or none in your system, usually also grounds for dismissal. 

    My suggestion is to be honest with your PM and hope he is understanding of your particular circumstances but be prepared that he may not be. The new meds that he gave you to try, were they also opiates? Were you supposed to take them at the same time as the new ones? Or were you supposed to try them in place of your current meds for two days? What did he tell you to do with your regular meds during this trial of new meds? I am asking because if he wanted you to stop your regular meds during the trials for the new meds, you could conceivably be short more pills than 2 days and that could be a huge problem.

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    Good luck Bella, I hope he’s an understanding doctor. Most pain management companies basically want you to do all their procedures such as steroid injections, and other things that make them more money than just passing out pills. They are very strict On you trying new procedures. Again good luck and God bless.

  • Hey everyone, I just got home from my dr appointment. I guess someone was watching over me at my appointment today. They didnt even ask for my meds to check. And they changed it to what I told them worked, the 2 day supply they had let me try. So everything went great. And I can say this..... going through what I went through today, will never happen again. I've got a migraine that won't stop! Anyway, I just wanted to let y'all know how things turned out. 

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